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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Marquees and saddle up Sunday part II

Now where were we......?

Oh now I remember.....
the other tents were filling up and eventually we could say

we are ready!!
The flowers were beautifully arranged by two lovely friends

last minute checks were made to make sure that everything was in place

and it was starting to look a bit like a garden party

The arch was completed with a bit of real and a bit of pretend ivy
 and I found a place for the
magnolia seeds!!!!

 the pink chairs looked outrageously over the top but were used all day by passers by keen to take the weight off their feet for a few moments!!!
(not quite sure why we put the apples on them but they looked fun!!!!)

eventually the guests arrived, the thank yous were said and the day got under way

the crowds started to build and the fashion was amazing but alas I didn't always
have the camera with me so missed quite a bit

but not this, this elegant lady looked gorgeous and was sweet enough to allow me to catch her on film but I do think I might need some lessons on shadows and lighting!!!!!

The most photographed pair all day were these two very pretty young ladies
individually they looked beautiful but together those hats just really made a wonderful statement
(The lass in the yellow hat made both hats...clever girl!)

but this is who the day really belonged to
these magnificent creatures

and their very clever and brave riders

as they raced for that finishing line

knowing they would have the luxury of a cooling shower afterwards

and at the end of a long day
 as the punters trudged home 
with full...or empty pockets...
this fine young gentleman had the

last laugh!!!!!

See you all here next year!!!!!!


  1. i don't acr what the other tents look like.
    YOURS is the BEST.

    i am sooooo jealous.
    i wish i were there!!!

    love you xxx

    1. What we really want is for the other tents to do theirs too and this was to be an example! It was a lovely day wish you had been there with me! xxx

  2. It looks so fresh and pretty in pink and green. I love the apples for the horses theme!

    1. It was a bit of fun and today I am baking an apple cake and caramelizing some apples...the girls who cut the roses got some as a thank you for all the scratches as did the girls who arranged the flowers so they were a great success all around!!!!!

  3. What fun!
    What creativity!
    What effort!

    I love a country race day and this looked like a truly magnificent event with everything aligning to make it memorable.

    Thank you for all that you've shared, you should be really proud of your marquees.

    Happy week ahead my friend,
    x F

    1. We have some wonderful carnivals in this area as we are a circle of small and large towns all within an hours drive of each other so if you are into racing you can expect a fairly busy year!!!!!

  4. Just gorgeous Mama! Perhaps you can help me with our Oaks Day event in November!! :-) xxx

  5. oooo, OOO! Party, Pink, Dress-up and HORSES.....now this is my kind of MAGICAL DAY! JULES, LOVE TO SEE YOU! THANK YOU for visiting me and offering the encouragement. I am now on spring break and starting to gather myself to organize my Etsy shop even more. It will be a learning experience that will surely stretch my creative self.

    HAVE FUN and please, hug a horse for me? I have always wanted to hug a horse around the neck!


  6. One word - WOW.

    A huge thankyou to the lovely Julienne. The pictures and words truly speak for themselves but it was an absolute pleasure to work with such a guru.

    So many thanks.

    Can't wait to do it all again next year.

  7. One word - WOW.

    A huge THANK YOU to the lovely Julienne for all of her hard work & positive energy.

    Can't wait to do it all again next year.

  8. What a glorious day Julienne. You made quite a statement. Happy memories. A-M xx

  9. Now that looks like a fun day! I need one of those. So glad you enjoyed it.. Rachael xxx

  10. This must have been a wonderful day! The accomodation looks just fabulous and those horses!! Oh my! so beautiful! I wished I could have joined you there!

  11. That looks like a great day & what a beautifully decorated Marquis. I love polo matches!
    Happy Easter Jules & I hope you have a lovely break!

  12. What a gorgeous event! I love the garden party styling, so appropriate for a race day :) I'll be going to our local races in a couple of months (still trying to work on an outfit) - I hope it looks as pretty as this! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  13. It was pretty Anna and worked well considering we had no budget and only two weeks to organise!!!! Thank you for visiting J.


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