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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In many of the places we have
 lived we were lucky to see a sparrow
let alone any birds of interest

but here and in Hobart
we were blessed with incredible bird life.
Top loved watching, and identifying and would get highly excited
 when he found one that was rare to the area.
The binoculars and the bird book were always within reach

We don't  have this one but ohhh he would have loved it

and this one

he wanted chooks and swans!

quite where we were going to keep the swans
 I am not quite sure
and I kept trying to suggest geese
 as being a little more practical...... but to no avail..... he loved swans!

me...I am allergic to birds
(horrendously allergic!!)
so I just collect images of them particularly
when they are as romantic as this one!
if we had had the pond for the swans I would have made sure it was full of

these little chaps!!!!!!

   eat frogs!!!!!

do you have an impractical dream???


  1. Jules I love all of these beautiful birds!! The colors!

    Please do come over to visit, I have a New Giveaway ( international)I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  2. Oh those birds are unbelievably pretty! Like jewels.
    I don't know if it's impractical or not but if I had the money I'd like to establish an animal sanctuary for unwanted animals where they could live out their days :)

    1. Highly impractical Sarah unless you have lots of spare cash but what a lovely impracticality that is...I would also like to do that!!! xx

  3. I exhaled a great big sigh after reading this Jules as I too love birds and am blessed to live somewhere where they are in many varied hues and bountiful numbers.

    Keeping swans is something I'd never considered before but what a grand idea!

    As for the green friends, we have oodles of those too and I love it when they hop onto the front door glass at night time so that I can get a good close up without having to touch their delicate skin.

    Happiest day Lovely,

    PS: As for the impractical dream.....I really, really want a flopsy eared rabbit but as we all know they're banned in QLD and I'm a law abiding gal - so no go there.

    1. Felicity we have two little rabbit kittens sharing our lawn at the moment! So far Souk has left them alone which surprises me as she is a sight hound! Possibly (she has just come out of season) she is mothering them somewhere as they are just hopping about quite freely and are only about six inches high....but sorry no floppy ears to had!!!! xx

  4. Dearest Jules,

    Swans are herbivores mainly and I guess your Froggy Friends would be safe and live forever happy in harmony with the swans.
    Love to you,


    1. What a relief!!!
      Don't suppose it is anything I will do now but it is nice to know that we could have thank you Mariette. xxx

  5. I love your impracticalities Jules! I am a bit of a bird lady myself and was explaining to my son this morning the joy of bird watching. Their is a science to it and I can just imagine the shrills of delight if enthusiasts were to come upon any of these. Love the images!
    Best wishes Jules...
    Jeanne xx

  6. Oh, that last swan picture is heavenly! We don't have swans but we do have masses of cardinals (the red bird). Such a pleasure to see what comes to the bird feeder.


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