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Friday, 2 March 2012

a land of flooding rains.......!

The branches that give shade over the garden

 are now so heavy they drag on the ground.

Look past them and the world is a sea of grey.

The sound, as the rain falls on the roof, is deafening
Forget listening for the warnings on the radio, 
It can’t be turned up high enough to hear.
For days they have been forecasting this downpour
 and for days it has been somewhere else. 

We had thought it would pass us by.
But it hasn’t…it has now been falling constantly
 and heavily for the last three hours 
and because the ground is already so full of water
 there is nowhere for all this rain to go. 

The car in the drive is sitting in at least three inches of water, 
it is reaching up to the verandah, 
and the house is above the flood levels, 
it just has nowhere else to go!

For those in the direct path of the waters
 this is a terrifying time
 and one that many of them have had to face three times in the last three years.

They are locking up their homes, 
leaving their possessions
 and waiting,  

 waiting for the waters to reach their highs 
and then they wait for the flood waters to recede  
and then 
when the waiting is over they have to go back, 
unlock the doors 
and start the horrendous clean-up

Throwing out ruined, treasured, belongings, 
rescuing those that can be rescued 
and washing off  the mud, that doesn’t want to be washed off!

Rebuilding their lives and hoping that this will be the last time!

and now it looks as though the forecast is for more next week!!!!

Me, I have started work on an ark!!!!!

image 2 via skynews


  1. Well I certainly hope you don't need the ark!
    What is happening in our great land? Years of drought now flooding is the norm. All quite bizarre.

  2. At present the ark is not necessary but the gumboots are!!!!! cannot leave the house without as I have to wade through two inches of water to get to the gate and that is only because it has nowhere to go!!!!
    The graziers are loving it, the farmers are in despair!!!!!
    Perhaps next year!!!!


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