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Monday, 3 September 2012

First love and memories

They are playing April Love and
Pat Boone is singing

I am 14
it is the Christmas School holidays
and we are staying at our beach house

There is a boy
his name is Morton
(don't remember his last name!!!)
he invites me to the pictures

My first real date with a boy
we watch April Love
we share jaffas
we hold hands

Ohh the excitement!!!

My parents sit directly behind us two rows back!!!!!!!

They walk home behind us!!!!

The next day we go back home
heart is broken!

Do you remember your first date?
do certain songs bring back memories for you?


  1. My first date was to see a surfing movie at about 14 or 15. Nothing really reminds me of that boy. I didn't really like him that much!
    Some songs bring back memories but they a bit soppy and embarrassing!
    Penny x

  2. Soppy and embarrassing can be fun though....as long as it is in the past of course!!!!!

  3. My first date was also to the movies. I think I was 12 or 13 and we went into the city to see Grease. I felt like I was holding my breathe the whole time and butterflies jittering in my chest.

    1. How grown up going into the city. Bet you didn't have your parents sitting just behind you either!!!!!!
      It was such an exciting and innocent time and I have to wonder if that same innocence is there today for our babies.

  4. Dearest Jules,

    This is a heart breaker in many ways! But thank goodness we had parents like that... they didn't want to grow huge butterflies in our bellies!
    Oh, I remember my first date, guess my cousin did introduce some friends to me at the cinema. But we went in daytime and once outside you just walked and held hands, stealing a quick kiss and that was it... Funny is that we still know each other even though at that time it didn't last too long. He loved to run his hands through my long hair when I was 15.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Oh Mariette it was soooooo embarrassing!!! Alas I have lost contact with all my old beaus! Hugs back

  5. Don't remember my first date, but guarantee idanced for miles to April Love! Thanks for the memory.

  6. My fist date became my first boyfriend. We spent a lot of time walking through the park and sitting on my front porch. Very fond memories of that part...the ending wasn't so great!


  7. I was a very very late bloomer, think I was 19 before I actually went out with a boy. It lasted a long time but of course ended badly. That's life! x

  8. Oh that is so very beautiful Jules....the innocence of childhood. I cherish the memory of my first date, too. A tad younger, at 11 I think...but it was going to the movies too. I felt so very grown up! x

  9. yes....
    and i was 14 too.
    my boyfriend i am still in touch with...
    (i grew up in miami beach)
    his name was fernando.
    he was a PERFECT GENTLEMAN. my parents loved him.


  10. Lovely story! My husband was my second or third date. Back in the fifties. Ir was the summer before sophomore year of high school and we held hands through GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL. I wore a pink dress. We had a few more date and then nothing more happened till two summers later in 1959 -- we began to date and that led to 'going steady' (not dating others) and we were married in 1963. So far, so good...

  11. Trying to think about my first date as such... think I was around 15 and went for a walk with a boy called Andrew - he was my first love and certain songs remind me of him to this day!! X

  12. I don't know why, but I love that his name was Morton! :)

  13. My first love was an Italian boy. A bit of a cheeky rascal. My father hated his family. He's now a big property developer so I perhaps should have kept him? xx

  14. My first date was the friend of a friend and I believe it was as much of an ordeal for him as it was for me. The music of the day - the Beatles.

  15. thanks for the well wishes.
    we will STAY in touch.
    all my love xox

  16. A stroll along the Port Broughton jetty one Summer's evening & a very memorable first kiss at the end. A boy from country S.A. who went on to become one of Europe's biggest concert promoters & still is. Who would have guessed!
    Millie xx


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