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Friday, 16 March 2012

Dates in a diary.......!!!!!!

I have a diary
I forget to look at it
so I don't use it much
But this year there have been two dates
written in it for weeks

This weekend is a weekend with the children
Lise and I share a birthday just a few weeks after Kate's
so we are to celebrate together

Next weekend
a birthday lunch in the Hunter for a very dear friend's 70th Birthday

Sydney is easy to get to via public transport
The Hunter is impossible

so much thought and planning had to be done
dogs need to be looked after
accommodation in the Hunter for two nights
(It is a luncheon birthday party!)

Finances needed to be looked at

and then the light bulb turned on!!!!!!

Drive to Sydney
Stay until Friday morning
Drive to the Hunter
Attend lunch
stay the night
drive home.


 reasonably economic
time with the kids
appointments made in Sydney when the kids are at work
quiet Birthday lunch with Lise
Gold pass tickets to see
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Kate

Oh I am so clever

I have organised the whole thing by myself!!!!!
dogs booked in
house sitter arranged
outfits chosen
ironing done
bag packed

so simple

rang a cousin (who was also invited to Hunter Valley luncheon)
chatted away, arranging to call in on my way to Sydney
then she mentioned wedding she was going to next Friday

Oh, disappointment
would not see them at the luncheon

Yes  I would

no I wouldn't
they would be at a wedding!

No that was next Friday
the luncheon is the following week!!!!!!


I race to the fridge
 I check the invitation

How could I have been so stupid?!!!!!!
I have the wrong day marked
I have spent weeks working this out


what to do!!!!!!


  1. Dearest Jules,

    Oh my...! We recognize this and it gets harder and harder with age. IF we only could make time reverse once in a while so we could do-see-have things back that we MISSED out on.
    The worst 'time' related thing we ever witnessed was a young couple at the Schiphol, Amsterdam check in desk. Their plane had left in the morning and they got there in the evening... Oh my!
    Love to you,


  2. As one who has returned from a meeting (that was actually a week later), all dressed-up and organised with nothing to show for it....I feel your pain. On the other hand, you've had a dry run for the next weekend and you will breeze through the prep! Good for you!

  3. Hello Jules:
    Oh dear, but, it could be worse, you might have missed the event altogether. Now, you can just think of it as a practice for the real thing. Imagine how calm and collected you will be when the actual day dawns!!!

    We have found you quite by chance from our dear friend Jessica's blog and we are so delighted to have arrived. Your lively and varied posts are such a joy. We are now Followers and shall look forward to hearing more of your future adventures.

  4. As the others say... it's a pratice run.. don't worry and you have done so well with the organising. Each time will get easier I am sure (the organising side)...
    Let us know how things turn out! X

  5. Oh dear. I have to confess that I burst out laughing at what is a serious thing. But honestly, in my chaotic life, that is normally the kind of thing that I do! I'm in disgrace with my youngest son because I wrote down the wrong dates for his parent teacher night. Oops. The worst mother on the planet...
    Wasn't there a time, sometime when we were young, that this sort of thing just never happened? But now we all pile on the pressure on ourselves, and these things happen. I daresay though, that you will make this all work out somehow. VB x

  6. Thank you all for your lovely sympathy it really was just dreadfully funny and disastrous all at the same time!!!!
    Interesting solutions were called for mistakes were made and it has taken until today to get my composure together again will report later on it all!!!!

  7. This is something that I would do!
    I hope it all works out Jules and you have a fantastic time!
    (I'm sure that it will and you will too) xo

  8. Head banging time - how familiar this sounds! But I'm sure you'll get it sorted out.

  9. jules.....

    forget all that.
    just drive over to see me !!!!

    love you!!

  10. Sounds complicated - what a pain - I hate when I get dates mucked up - once a missed a plane because I had the date wrong! Thanks for pointing out the tumblr link - I think it's right now!

  11. Hi Jules, So sorry your weekend was muddled up. Do hope it worked out in the end.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Pinterest pix, so will head over there now!
    Janelle xx

  12. Jules,
    You have a lovely blog here. Artistic and therapeutic. I recently blew an event that I had on my calendar for like two months. I just put it in the wrong date box. Ahhhh!
    Have a beautiful day


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