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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Looking for a list I had written last year I found this

August 2011

I slip
through the shadows
of this,
my life now

my lips smile,
my mouth laughs
my feet move me
in directions I know not

I wait impatiently
for the too infrequent night
when dreams
become my reality

where once more
we face the sun
and stride through it

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This was my weekend

March 2012

Alone, I started the car
alone, I drove
on narrow shaded roads
stopped in unfamiliar villages

Alone, I booked into an hotel
alone, I ate my meal

Together I share my lunch
with friends
together, we laugh and
together we remember

together we share the joy
of our friends.
They renew their vows
of 40 years ago
together, we celebrate
their life

rainbow hues
tint the shadows
of the trees,
as I drive home,

life moves on
it's not the same
It is,

a new beginning...


  1. Oh Jules. My, you've come such a long way in that time. Kudos to you, my friend. J x

    1. Everyone kept saying 'eventually it will get better' and all I wanted to do was go to bed and stay there until 'eventually' arrived! Alas life doesn't work that way!!
      But this was a first and I did it and I had a lovely time I guess 'eventually' is getting closer!!!!!! xx

  2. Dearest Jules,

    Oh, I DO BELIEVE in dreams becoming a reality and also that even if we don't grasp it completely yet, our loved ones are forever with us. They might be able to even better watch over us from 'there'...
    Your poems are so well phrased from a torn soul and a healing heart that bleeds forever with LOVE. Thanks for sharing!
    Love to you,


    1. Mariette, You are right he will always be with me.

  3. I'm not sure what to say. You have had such a difficult journey. Sending a big hug x

    1. Sarah, thank you for the hug I don't think any one knows just how difficult this journey is until they have to do it. But when I found that little scratching in my book last night even I could see that I am learning to cope with it all.
      Of course having such wonderful family, friends and networks helps a lot so thank you for being here! xx

  4. What a beautiful wordsmith you are and so clever to look back and not only see but appreciate the subtle ways in which your live is moving forward.

    It was such a delight to read the second part of this year's poem and I look forward to next years'.

    Big hug special lady of strength and beauty.

    1. Felicity thank you for your kind words. Alas I have not completed a book this month so must miss vive le livre hopefully next month I will have a long list!!!!!

  5. The weekend was quite an accomplishment. Good for you!

    1. Huge....but I enjoyed it and caught up with two ladies I haven't seen in 40 years both with an enormous energy for life
      that was quite contagious...so we will see where it leads!

  6. Hi Jules,
    Oh dear I didn't know that you stopped your other blog! But now I see that you started a new one! Happy to see you again! I will subscribe to your blog right now!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my latest blogpost! I appreciate this!

  7. Oh Greet how lovely to see you here again! I am slowly getting back into the swing of blogging again
    and it easier here on the new one!
    I have been visiting you but just quick drop in, satisfied sighs at your beauty and then move on I will stay a little longer in future!! xx

  8. Your own words have a wonderful capacity to contribute to the healing process Jules. I'm not a fan of the Moving On term, I reckon we can Move Forward but never truly On. Anyhoo, enough of the D&M stuff, I've been thinking of starting up a collaborative bloggie project called Let's Sell Jules' House. If we all get behind it I reckon we'll be able to move this baby in no time flat. What do you think?
    Millie xx

    1. Oh Millie wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!!
      I did think about advertising it myself (I can do private sale!) or should I say, the house advertising with the header
      Please rescue me
      My owner is too old and tired to look after me.......and so on!!!!!
      Have it just about written but I really need to get out and the house I want to buy has just been reduced to 'where I can almost afford it. Near family and easy drive to the children!!!!!!
      As to moving on I agree it doesn't happen we just learn to live with and to cope, to change direction to do things differently and moving out of here will help as the place is falling down around my ears
      Julienne xxxx

  9. beautiful and pink.
    just like you!!!

    love & happy easter

  10. These are both so beautiful and poignant in their own ways Jules but your latest is such a testament to moving forward... And well done, travelling and checking in to a hotel on your own, must have been hard. Thinking of you. xx

  11. Jules, so poignant. We go through so much in life, and you really have . I am just so proud that you hold your head up high, you are very special!

    Art by Karena


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