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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Aussie books predominated.....!

Felicity at gifts of Serendipity has a first Tuesday
 of the month book post
she hopes to encourage more reading
Me...I am trying to read less!!!
I need to find time to do those things that now have to be done by only me!

I still found time to re read this as I follow Janelles blog
Library of design and this book just made me giggle all the way through and I giggled the second time too!
and I can highly recommend her La Vie Parisienne but I lent my copy to someone and it hasn't come back so I haven't been able to dip back there for awhile!!!

I bought this one for the cover (isn't it fun?)
and whilst Marie is French she is now living in Australia.
It is a light and enjoyable read but it is the recipes and her section of 'what to do with the hands' that
will place it on my 'to keep' shelves.

Tonight I will watch the First Tuesday Book club on the ABC
but after reading this I will not be able to see Marieke Hardy in quite the same light!!!!
The only person I know who could tell everyone that she intended being a prostitute when she grew up
and her reasoning at her tender age was almost understandable!!!

Marieke's book then led me to this which, I haven't finished yet as it is one I pick up read a letter then put down but I had better hurry as it is a library book and I don't think they will let me keep extending my loan forever!!!

This is special and probably deserves it's own post
 as there is a long and involved story
that goes with it's sitting on my bookshelf  at long last!!!

Have you all read this, am I just the last to find it as usual?
Just in case you haven't it is one of those books you just don't want to come to an end.
This is also a library book but I am going to have to invest in my own copy so I can drop back in frequently!!!

Now, for someone who is an inveterate reader of fiction,  I only read two this month
Always, beside my bed, sits a Mary Wesley,
 she only wrote 10 adult novels, the first published when she was 71
and I just rotate them, they are my go to sleep books!!!
 This was the one I read this month as it is one that I can relate to now
 as I haven't been able to in the past!

I haven't read her biography Wild Mary yet but it is about to go on order.

Has anyone read it?

So that is my reading list for the last 6 weeks!

What did you read?


  1. The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
    The Cousins' War
    The Jade Peony.
    I love Mary Wesley - first read The Chamomile Lawn and was hooked.

    1. Haven't heard of any of these do you reccomend? My absolute favourite Mary Wesley is The Vacillations of Poppy Carew! J

  2. I haven't not even heard of any of those. I'm reading The secret lives of dresses, not bad but not brilliant yet either. The one before that was blah and I can't even remember it's name, not very memorable!
    Right now I'm also reading Mollie Makes magazine, not that is good! X

  3. Your list is fabulous Jules and I'm thrilled to bits that you're playing along with 'Vive Le Livre!' you truly embody its ethos!

    Every single title is a 'newie' for me and I'm becoming intrigued about the Marieke Hardy book....if you had to choose just one of this month's titles for me to add to my lengthening list, which would it be?

    1. Oh Felicity how hard that is!! Just one? Mary Wesley is just superb and any of her books are just a step into another world but she is such a constant in my life it is hard to put her on top. So of the new reads probably the Jack de Crow it is beautifully and amusingly written pure magic though he does say himself that to 'exaggerate for effect' was his new motto the fact that he actually did this trip is just a delight!!!

  4. Sarah I just read the story line of The Secret lives of Dresses and I liked the premise (I used to do that with my furniture, when I knew the provenance I would write it on a card and attach it) Do let me know if it gets better and I will reserve it at the library. If you like cooking I can really recommend the Lazy French Cook! J xx

  5. Dear Jules,
    Thank you so much for that lovely recommendation. But I have to say, it's a terrible book! Terrible. I can't imagine what the author was thinking writing such things!
    Now. On to you. I've been thinking about this and I think you should consider writing your own book. From the little you have told me, your life is so interesting - far more than you perhaps give yourself credit for. More importantly, your writing is beautiful. Just beautiful. Would you consider it?
    If you feel like it, perhaps you could write a few chapters as a start? I can then push you along to some publishers I know. I've be able to get a few people a book deal. (I pushed Anna Spiro along, but can't say more than that!)
    Have you read A Month in the Country? It was made into a movie many years ago. You could do A Year in the Country?? Or A Country Life? Or something lovely like that?
    Anyway, food for thought.
    Please don't be disappointed about the lack of comments. I know people read your blog! I suspect people just don't have the time anymore... I ALWAYS read it, even if I don't comment.
    Hugs from here,
    PS Sorry for long comment! Makes up for lack of comments last few weeks.

  6. Janelle it made me giggle and I love you for that so we will not debate it again!!!!!
    What lovely things you do say when you comment I have gone quite red and of course I would love to write a book but could I...ahhh that is the question!
    I shall go and get the book from the library, I will give it some thought and I thank you for your offer if I think I can do it I would love for you to read and let me know if it is worth while.
    As to comments I enjoy when someone leaves one and know that I have done a good post when they aren't there I know I have been lazy and haven't connected properly Ahhhh the advertising copywriter in me do you think?!!!
    Janelle I hope you know that I really love the friendship we have growing and appreciate the input from you at all times. Julienne xx

  7. Beautiful!!
    A very affectionate greeting.

  8. Jules, I love Marieke Hardy and I LOVE Women of Letters. If you ever get the opportunity make sure you get along to the Women of Letters live show. I have not yet had a chance to see Women of Letters but I have been to see Men of Letters which was amazing. I was crying from joy and then also crying from sadness. The men in the panel had to write a letter to a woman that had changed their life. It was really moving.

    1. I would love to go to one of the live shows but I live way out bush so those things are not on my calendar I have to content myself with the book which I am thoroughly enjoying but must finish by Friday or I will be fined!!!! There is a section from the men of letters but I haven't reached that yet and I am reading them in order. Will be cooking this weekend!!

  9. jules my buddy!!!
    you are too interesting to be sure.
    the first title sounds like a book i would relate to.


    1. I think you would probably love it and I know you would love her blog which is on my sidebar!
      You can certainly relate to it!!!!!!!!
      hugs xxxx

  10. I haven't read any of those books.... nor heard of some of them. I love to see what other folks are reading. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This was very much an Australian post even Jack de Crow is written by an Aussie author though it takes place in Europe. I loved them all but the Mary Wesley books are just a delight if you haven't already read them. Thank you for dropping in and saying hello. I just love your blog by the way . Have been over for a long visit and will return again soon. J

  11. Oh crumbs I'm in trouble as I'm only about a third of the way through this months book challenge from Felicity, you put me to shame Jules. In total agreement with Janelle, but you know that anyhow. I keep thinking what would Top say about this writing thing? I reckon you might know the answer to that!
    Millie xx

    1. Millie,
      I am talking to Janelle, I am going to try.....I think!
      Keep reading.
      Hows the knee going?
      Julienne xx


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