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Friday, 27 January 2012

Facebook adventures....!


A place I joined (much to Top's horror)
because it was the only way we could see the family photos and UK daughter was too far away not to see what she was doing.

so friends were, the children, their children, their best friends
(who had haunted our kitchen for years and still called us Mr and Mrs!!)

then slowly over the years I said yes to some local friends and then, yes to some girls I went to school with
(though I would be hard pressed to recognise them if I met them in the street!)

then I liked some of my favourite and close bloggy friends

all going cheerily along...I knew what the Grandkids were up to, often before their parents did!
 I could chat online to UK daughter when she was at work and I couldn't sleep
a place where we could play Scrabble, I could have a Restaurant with my Granddaughter, you know... the kinds of things you do on Facebook....!!!!!

so hey, Facebook was really a grand place to hang out on occasion!

Then I went a wee bit, just a small bit, mad and said I liked a sight I had found
(Don't quite remember where)

Really, really pretty pictures
I looked for a blog......No

I found a home page
but I am not quite sure a home page for what
as my internet keeps cutting out and I can't get the translation

and really the images are just magic...
this is one talented girl

and you just knew there was going to be a but, didn't you!!!!!!!

she posts like there is no tomorrow and I can no longer see anything on Facebook but
shabby chic mania

Am I complaining?
I'm not sure....I will wait and see

Pop onto her Facebook page and check them out

all images from shabby chic mania Facebook!!!!!


  1. I'm not a big fan of Facebook but it does have it's uses. I 'liked' PETA organization but now I get tones and tones of their posts popping up, so I know what you mean. These images are just so beautiful though!

    1. That is the problem! They are so beautiful and I really hate to miss them! But I wonder will that be to the detriment of my beautiful family?!!!

  2. You can BLOCK this "friend" and then only go there when you want to go. Just go to the upper right hand corner of the most recent (perhaps any) post and a drop down box will appear. Choose "Block" or whatever it says that is relevant and poof - it's gone. You can still access her, but putting the name in your search box, but you are not stuck living her life. Sadly, I have blocked 80% of my so-called friends. Don't really need to know every thought that bounces around in their heads! good luck! enjoy your blog and these pictures are to die for!

    1. Oh dear Webb I am so difficult! I just don't want to miss her images. I wish she had a blog...so much easier!!!!

  3. I loved Facebook at first, then changes and more changes. It seems like every time I go on the site now my computer ( and yes it could be my computer gets bogged down and unresponsive, So frustrating!


    Art by Karena

  4. I can't facebook or blog on my desktop as it freezes all the time when I do...suppose I will eventually do it to the laptop too! Or perhaps they are telling us it is time to upgrade!!!!!!!

    I opened a G mail account and now can't get into my blog so apologies if I don't reply to you immediately. Will try and work it out tomorrow. had to come in as a visitor and may possibly not see your comments. Why do they make life so complicated?

  6. OK fixed that no G mail account, shortest lived email account I have ever had!!!!!!!

  7. Facebook and Pinterest I am steering well clear of Julienne as I have enough trouble lately keeping up with blogging and twitter!
    These photos are divine and I understand why you are reluctant to give up these lovely images on a regular basis.

    1. I like Pinterest but just not sure how to work it Twitter haven't a clue!!!! Don't even know how to follow anyone or in fact get on. That devastates me as I like to be in the know!!!!!!!!
      They get even better I have only chosen a few out of the hundreds!!!!!

  8. No Facebook for me. I opened an account and was freaked out by the number of people who wanted to be friends - including a client. Now, in my line of work I definitely do not want to be friends with clients. So....I look over The Great Dane's shoulder when he's on facebook.

    1. I just say no to everyone now except the family. But....these images are so beautiful and I can't find them anywhere else! My life is just full of conundrums at the moment!!!
      Does make for some fun posts though.

  9. gorgeous images...can't wait to check it out!!

  10. jules.....
    friend me!!!

    we have got to talk!


  11. Thank you very much Julienne!!! Grazia .Shabby Chic Mania www.shabbychicmania.it

  12. Grazia thank you for your email and your permission it was my pleasure I think your Facebook posts are glorious but I still wish you would start a blog!!!!! If you do please let me know. You are still on my Facebook and I rather expect you will be there for some time to come!!!

  13. Oh dear, do I dare? The pictures are beautiful...

  14. These are gorgeous images! I wouldn't complain. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

    1. Oh Kellie, I'm not really but it was a good excuse to show you all her beautiful images!!!!!!

  15. Julienne...I know the feeling! I am pulling my hair out by accidentally changing the layout of my Facebook page. I can't find anything! What I will go find now....is you! Love these photos too...do I dare???
    Jeanne xx

  16. Congratulations Julienne! So pleased for you. I was on Facebook but it was such a time waster that i had to curtail activities! You never get any 'real' work done when there is procrastinating to do on FB... Janelle xx

  17. Wonderful photos! Greetings from Poland.
    Magdalena :)

  18. I'm a real Facebook slacker, just do enough to keep mine gasping for breath, although I've discovered some very interesting things on the kid's pages. To say a couple of the sons have been sprung big time would be a massive understatement. Ooooh & I know about the last image, it's my mate Brooke from Velvet & Linen's study at home. We are both 'blessed' to live in a 1970's house. That's why they are moving & we are renovating the you-know-whatsies out of ours.
    Millie xx

    1. Millie, I am a slacker too, just keep up with the family. Brooks's study is just so beautiful. It was the photo I first noticed. I am off to look at the rest of Brooke's place xx

    2. Yep, these images are worth your hassle. Easy for me to say that, right??

    3. Yep, these images were worth the hassle. Easy for me to say, right??

    4. These images are worth the hassle! Easy for me to say, right?


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