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Monday, 26 March 2012

What a week!!!!!

after discovering my dates were sooooo wrong
I repacked my bag and left for Sydney as planned.

loaded down with tomatoes...... of course!!
UK daughter had some from the supermarket and we just had to compare!
Can YOU guess which one came with me???

First morning, discovered I had made a real mess of the packing and
consequently had absolutely nothing to wear.
Tops but no bottoms!!!
Oh dear..... what a pity

Just had to go shopping, didn't I
Absolutely did not buy any shoes though!!!!

 It was a wonderful few days.
had lunch with Sydney daughter
and went to gold class movie with UK daughter
(absolute luxury)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

 the film was just a wee bit frightening
as the women all reminded me of me!!!!!!!

Had a lovely family birthday dinner
complete with this gorgeous Birthday cake!!!!
Felt cruel to cut into him but it was worth it for every delicious morsel!
(I am not saying how many pieces I had)

many beautiful gifts were exchanged and whilst all were loved and appreciated
I thought you might like to see the reaction to this one

Just a wee bit thrilled!

Do you recognise it?

in case you don't
 ... it is...
Janelle McCulloch's new book
We all took turns with it and oohed and ahhed
but there was no way the new owner was letting it out of her hands for long!!!!

If you are the least in love with Paris
I highly recommend you go find yourself a copy.

Got home on Thursday and was immediately involved in the preparations for
our big race meeting of the year,

details will follow
I promise!!!!


  1. Oh, how lovely of you to post this! This really cheered me up after a stressful week.

    But I'm slightly embarrassed now. I could have sent you a free author's copy had I known. I do hope she enjoys it. She doesn't have to read the text. She can just flick through the pix of Paris!

    Hugs and love, in gratitude.

    Janelle xx

    PS Your daughter is as beautiful as you! Hope you all had a really lovely birthday weekend.

    1. It was my great pleasure to buy it (I did say 'I know the author' and the book seller told me to tell you they keep selling out!!!!) My favourite bookshop tucked away in the Wahroonga Village.
      It was a beautiful, if totally disorganised, week and we all had loads of laughs and hugs! xx

  2. Hello Jules:
    Well, we can certainly tell the difference between an insipid supermarket tomato and the real thing. We have long since given up hope of buying a decent tomato in England, we are just too spoiled with the delicious, ripe and red Hungarian tomatoes which we love.

    After a shaky start, your weekend seems to have gone wonderfully well. Lovely!

    1. It's been a poor tomato season here but even so the difference is amazing, the girls made soup out of the ones that didn't quite have the keeping and even there the taste was so much better!
      Yes the week was lovely but then an excuse to spend time with my beautiful girls is thoroughly relished!
      Thank you fro dropping by I have just enjoyed a lengthy and delightful trip through your blog. J

  3. Looks and sounds like a great time was had. I'd have had trouble cutting into the pup cake too. A friend of mine showed me that book the other week. When I got hone I realized I had Janelle's blog bookmarked, but had not made the connection. The book is on my wants list :)

    1. I loved the book and when I eventually (!!!!) go to Paris it will be my guide all the way...though with this by my side I almost feel I am there!!!
      I love her blog and it has been fun getting to know her she is really a delightful, generous, friendly lady. J

  4. Glad you had a great time in Sydney - that cake looks amazing!

  5. I'm so pleased it all turned out okay, Jules, after all your plans! Ooh, now I'm adding Janelle's book to my wishlist, too ☺. J x

  6. Jules, I have been reading along...the adventures of one pink chair and you! I admit I laughed a bit, and smiled and thought...she is just like me. You take it all in stride and have a laugh about it. What else can you do! Birthday congrats to your daughter, I am so envious, I have been trying to find Janelle's book in the UK without much luck. I saw it in a bookstore in Sydney last year...should have bought it then! Sending you very best wishes for a fabulous week! Jeanne :)xx

    PS...I loved the movie...I was beaming the entire time. :)


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