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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Once we were six

but as time went by we became
and then we became
and now we are

this one has been the most affected and has been on Prozac
for separation anxiety.
She goes every where with me and follows me from room to room

into our lives came this young man
he lives next door
he just won't stay next door

and so this

went to this as he took over the household
I even woke one morning to find him in bed with me!!!!

Jack is a very social friendly little fella and
they shared everything, Souk went of her tablets

 and they played with such joy
until coming in here was not enough for Jack
He had a wider world to discover
which was fine with me
until he took Souk with him!!!

One dog attacked
1 child given a fright (but not bitten)
2 car accidents only narrowly averted

2 dog runs built
2 dog runs escaped from

next week
we will be only
as Souk is re homed by Saluki Rescue

and my heart is breaking

Saturday, 16 June 2012

classic fashion always in style...!!!

I have not posted fashion before
but with the loss of 26 kilos (57 lbs)
     i am finding clothes rather appealing again
and have put away the larger sizes
(in case I grow into them again!)
and am dressing in my now vintage pieces I had put away
a few years ago!!!!!

when it came time to buy a new wardrobe I trotted of to Country Road

only to discover that it no longer carried the classic clothing that I had always loved

and I always have a BUT!!!!!!

the lovely young salesgirl suggested I might like their other store!

and so I discovered trenery 
and there was my style!

I suppose I could try to style up a bit
but it is these classic lines that seem to suit me
and that I feel comfortable in so
I did have a lovely time playing
and walked off with quite a bit!

It is rather fun being a size 10 (Aust) again!!!!

Do you like the classic look?
or do you like to play with your fashion choices?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Have you tried to talk to someone in Authority recently...?

I come from a time
if you wanted to speak to the Managing Director of  BHP
you rang the switchboard,
you went through to his secretary and she would listen to your reason for calling
and would either put you straight through
or, she would answer your request or, he would ring you back.

I did it once as a schoolchild with a project
and the response from the man himself
 was nothing short of amazing,
I got an A+!!!!

Today I received a letter of offer
from one of the big mobile companies
it was signed by the director  - Customer Lifecycle and Retention
(you just gotta love the title!!!!)

The offer asks me to sign up for 24 months
and will give me 6 frequent flyer points for every dollar spent
(that is, if, I am already a member of said frequent flyer company!!)

I have not been offered any way to renew my current contract
so naively I thought I would ring this director
and mention that I have been with this particular company
for more than 20 years...
the first 10 without any contract

I have remained with this company
because they have been good to me, in my good and bad times
I thought he might like to know
that some of us stay without bribes
that we actually have company loyalty
and we don't need to be tied into contracts
(hey good for an ad maybe?)

But, could I get through to this man who signs the letter?


Could I find out the phone number that leads to their head office switchboard?


Could I leave my name and number so he could ring me


Were they interested
that I had been with them that long
(I was the 14 customer to buy the NEC P5 the smallest mobile in 1992!!)
and it is just possible that
I am their oldest continuous mobile customer!!


Am I going to stay with them?


But I am grateful for the whole thing
because with the inability to speak to the signatory of a letter that they sent to me
(Really why bother signing it at all if you are not going to be available!!)
got me mad enough to break this vicious cycle of lethargy
that has hung about me like a black cloud for the last month.

The black cloud that flung me back 12 months
(I truly wasn't expecting that!)

So with a bit of luck my little episode
with said mobile company may get me back to posting again!!!

Sorry for the whinge!!!!!!


Have any of you found it difficult 
to get past the operator, in some far flung country,
 to speak to someone in authority? 

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