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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Marquees and saddle up Sunday part II

Now where were we......?

Oh now I remember.....
the other tents were filling up and eventually we could say

we are ready!!
The flowers were beautifully arranged by two lovely friends

last minute checks were made to make sure that everything was in place

and it was starting to look a bit like a garden party

The arch was completed with a bit of real and a bit of pretend ivy
 and I found a place for the
magnolia seeds!!!!

 the pink chairs looked outrageously over the top but were used all day by passers by keen to take the weight off their feet for a few moments!!!
(not quite sure why we put the apples on them but they looked fun!!!!)

eventually the guests arrived, the thank yous were said and the day got under way

the crowds started to build and the fashion was amazing but alas I didn't always
have the camera with me so missed quite a bit

but not this, this elegant lady looked gorgeous and was sweet enough to allow me to catch her on film but I do think I might need some lessons on shadows and lighting!!!!!

The most photographed pair all day were these two very pretty young ladies
individually they looked beautiful but together those hats just really made a wonderful statement
(The lass in the yellow hat made both hats...clever girl!)

but this is who the day really belonged to
these magnificent creatures

and their very clever and brave riders

as they raced for that finishing line

knowing they would have the luxury of a cooling shower afterwards

and at the end of a long day
 as the punters trudged home 
with full...or empty pockets...
this fine young gentleman had the

last laugh!!!!!

See you all here next year!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Marquees & Saddle up Sundays

Racing NSW has an
initiative to promote country racing

each month they heavily promote a country race meeting
and last weekend the meeting promoted
was the Wellington Boot!

Two weeks ago I was asked to decorate the
Racing NSW marquee for this event!

My newly acquired ability to say NO
has obviously not cut in yet

 even though I would be in Sydney and way out of the area for most of
the available time of course I said YES!!!!

I met with the gorgeous young Brittany from Racing NSW and over
a quick coffee we decided on a colour scheme and the basics.

Racing NSW's colour is green
so with no time to think it through we went for the obvious
green apples for the horses and pink roses for racing!!!!

(You know, horses love apples and every race course around the world has lots of roses!!!!)

corny I know but what can you do in 20 minutes?

We had the colours
but nobody had the roses
not a florist or flower market anywhere

except the rose garden in the towns park!!!!

a quick call to Council and we had permission to cut some

so in came the horticulturist who knew which ones to pick
I would have taken the ones that looked good then when I needed them to look god in two days!

but we couldn't resist a few of these as well!

The morning of the meeting arrived and at least the tables were up when we arrived

by 8.30 the tablecloths were on and the flowers had arrived!

pink and green ribbon was run down the tables to tie everything together and the apples

were first to be put in place

by 9.30 the tables were coming together

but the other marquees were still sitting empty!!!

and now I am going to bed so we will continue tomorrow (I think!!!!)

Monday, 26 March 2012

What a week!!!!!

after discovering my dates were sooooo wrong
I repacked my bag and left for Sydney as planned.

loaded down with tomatoes...... of course!!
UK daughter had some from the supermarket and we just had to compare!
Can YOU guess which one came with me???

First morning, discovered I had made a real mess of the packing and
consequently had absolutely nothing to wear.
Tops but no bottoms!!!
Oh dear..... what a pity

Just had to go shopping, didn't I
Absolutely did not buy any shoes though!!!!

 It was a wonderful few days.
had lunch with Sydney daughter
and went to gold class movie with UK daughter
(absolute luxury)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

 the film was just a wee bit frightening
as the women all reminded me of me!!!!!!!

Had a lovely family birthday dinner
complete with this gorgeous Birthday cake!!!!
Felt cruel to cut into him but it was worth it for every delicious morsel!
(I am not saying how many pieces I had)

many beautiful gifts were exchanged and whilst all were loved and appreciated
I thought you might like to see the reaction to this one

Just a wee bit thrilled!

Do you recognise it?

in case you don't
 ... it is...
Janelle McCulloch's new book
We all took turns with it and oohed and ahhed
but there was no way the new owner was letting it out of her hands for long!!!!

If you are the least in love with Paris
I highly recommend you go find yourself a copy.

Got home on Thursday and was immediately involved in the preparations for
our big race meeting of the year,

details will follow
I promise!!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Dates in a diary.......!!!!!!

I have a diary
I forget to look at it
so I don't use it much
But this year there have been two dates
written in it for weeks

This weekend is a weekend with the children
Lise and I share a birthday just a few weeks after Kate's
so we are to celebrate together

Next weekend
a birthday lunch in the Hunter for a very dear friend's 70th Birthday

Sydney is easy to get to via public transport
The Hunter is impossible

so much thought and planning had to be done
dogs need to be looked after
accommodation in the Hunter for two nights
(It is a luncheon birthday party!)

Finances needed to be looked at

and then the light bulb turned on!!!!!!

Drive to Sydney
Stay until Friday morning
Drive to the Hunter
Attend lunch
stay the night
drive home.


 reasonably economic
time with the kids
appointments made in Sydney when the kids are at work
quiet Birthday lunch with Lise
Gold pass tickets to see
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Kate

Oh I am so clever

I have organised the whole thing by myself!!!!!
dogs booked in
house sitter arranged
outfits chosen
ironing done
bag packed

so simple

rang a cousin (who was also invited to Hunter Valley luncheon)
chatted away, arranging to call in on my way to Sydney
then she mentioned wedding she was going to next Friday

Oh, disappointment
would not see them at the luncheon

Yes  I would

no I wouldn't
they would be at a wedding!

No that was next Friday
the luncheon is the following week!!!!!!


I race to the fridge
 I check the invitation

How could I have been so stupid?!!!!!!
I have the wrong day marked
I have spent weeks working this out


what to do!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Style... and a bit of sunshine into your life...!

Back to the tomatoes tomorrow
it has been such a bad year for fruit and vegetables this year
that I have only been out a few days

I miss it
I miss the people
and the friends who call in

Two very stylish friends who drop by for a chat when passing the site
always add a bit of sunshine
into my life

who could not be cheered up when faced by these two beautiful people

If you are wondering they are both wonderfully talented people
and you might have guessed that he is an artist

Top always wanted one of his paintings
maybe one day I will have one
but in the meantime
This photo just gives me joy!!!

Aren't the colours just magic?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In many of the places we have
 lived we were lucky to see a sparrow
let alone any birds of interest

but here and in Hobart
we were blessed with incredible bird life.
Top loved watching, and identifying and would get highly excited
 when he found one that was rare to the area.
The binoculars and the bird book were always within reach

We don't  have this one but ohhh he would have loved it

and this one

he wanted chooks and swans!

quite where we were going to keep the swans
 I am not quite sure
and I kept trying to suggest geese
 as being a little more practical...... but to no avail..... he loved swans!

me...I am allergic to birds
(horrendously allergic!!)
so I just collect images of them particularly
when they are as romantic as this one!
if we had had the pond for the swans I would have made sure it was full of

these little chaps!!!!!!

   eat frogs!!!!!

do you have an impractical dream???

Monday, 12 March 2012

metal or timber....?

Do you think this
amazing fence
 is metal or timber?

alas, I do not think it is
 the very popular (around here)
punched chipboard, which I could, perhaps afford!!!!!!

On second thoughts I think even that would be out of my budget!!!!!

Wouldn't you love to know what it surrounds?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Recently the
the very lovely
presented me with the
versatile blogger award
and I do thank you Paige for this honour.

Like me, Paige is a widow and she understands what I am going through
bless you Paige.

but I have been very slack about fulfilling the conditions of the award which are

1. add the versatile blogger award on your post. (done)
2. thank the award giver and link back to them in your post (done)
3. share 7 things about yourself (done)
4. pass the award along to 15 favourite bloggers.
5. contact the chosen bloggers and let them know about the award.

I don't know that I have a lot left to tell you

but here goes

1. I have a passion for Haigh's milk chocolate
(UK daughter says I have to confess this!!)

2. I think I want to take Janelle up on her suggestion to try more serious writing

3. I am scared about  no2.

4. I am scared about a lot of things now

5. I am learning
 new things about myself everyday,

6. I never eat processed food

7. I have become addicted to this!!!!!!!
(how much more processed can you get?)

Now who to pass this on to.....?
Oh I forgot,
 sorry Paige but you need to know
 that because of
 you need to know
 things about me too

So my solution to this dilemma is....
I love you all
I think you are all versatile bloggers
otherwise I would not be following you
and so I award this to all of you who sit
on my sidebar
and I would love it
if you want to pick it up and run with it
as it is so very well deserved

You are all the


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