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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rain, rain go away......!!!

10 years ago a friend asked if I would do a two day course with her
she didn't want to do it on her own

Of course I said yes...hadn't learnt to say no then!

and that is how I came to be a member of the Red Cross disaster relief  teams
The years passed and fortunately I was never called upon to assist anywhere
 Now, ten year on  and I truly don't remember anything we learnt, have lost my notes

                                                                                                                                             from here

Which brings me to this afternoon, when the phone rang
The Red Cross calling
Would I be available?
over the next few days?
for the evacuation centre
if it is needed?

So what did I say...?


of course!!!!!

Obviously I still haven't learnt to say

I think have heard of this town
I have now looked up how to get there

through three areas that are also likely to be flooded
and have I told you

I am terrified
of storms

I hate 

Soooo why can't I say



  1. trust me.....
    they will accept even inept volunteers!!!
    they will probably throw you a paper to read that will bring it all back.
    what you learned is there...
    it just stored in a file on your brain 'chip'
    with a bit of prodding , it will all come back to you!

    love you! xxx

  2. I'm not great at saying "no" either :)
    I'm sure it will all be fine, just keep safe x

    1. We haven't had the rain yet and it does appear it is not quite as bad as they expected...so...with a bit of luck I won't be needed!!!!!

  3. I can't say 'no' either. I guess they think that if you're trained that you can be put to good use - and they're probably right. The people in need will be glad of all the help they can get.

  4. Drive safely, and I'm sure you will be a fantastic volunteer and your help greatly appreciated :)


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