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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

a magic blogging moment.......!!!

In the beginning
it was something to do, to keep the children updated with our thoughts
and the events in our lives.
We had one daughter in the UK, one daughter in Sydney and a son in Brisbane

When did it change? how did it change?

I don't know!!

I do know that I never expected it to bring such changes in my life
I never expected that I would make friends!

This blog world is an amazing place
a place where,
when you meet someone, you meet the essence of that person
There is no pre judgement on age, appearance, clothing or accent
(I hate to think I do this but being honest I think we all do a little bit!)
But here we have no idea and so friendships form

Some will remain, like pen friends, words on a screen
some will become more personal, emails separate to the blog,
but for both these types of friendships there is an intimacy that we share that is rare and beautiful
and then there is the third friendship we make

the ones who reaches out in a time of need and says what can I do?
here is my phone number, ring me if you need to!

This is the one that eventually you ring because you think you will be able to carry on a conversation without bursting into tears...you think it will be a quick call just to say thank you.
An hour later this blogging friend has become someone special

So imagine my joy, my exultation, when just prior to Christmas we made arrangements to catch up
in person
in Sydney
for coffee!!!!!

On Tuesday I had coffee with the gorgeous Kerry from
a tranquil townhouse 

and I can tell you that she is as lovely in person as she is here
she is as generous with her time and her honesty as she is here
Kerry thank you for joining me
thank you for the absolutely beautiful scarf that I did notice with the cherries!
and thank you for being there and enriching my life.

It really is a beautiful world this blogging world!!!

with love


  1. Julienne how lovely - I am so happy for you that you had a wonderful meeting with Kerry. You are so right, blogging does enrich our lives. I sometimes think "Oh, I haven't much to say, am I repeating myself - is it interesting enough or just plain, - I haven't got time any more - shall I stop blogging?" And then almost immediately I think - I would miss everyone so much - it is addictive, and I cannot stop !! And it brings lots of happiness too. And hooray I have your Pink Chair Icon now on my blog too on my blogroll... Thanks for your reply to my comment last post too via email. XXX

  2. Love this. We are all so lucky to have met one another.

    Such an old fashioned way to communicate (with words) in such a new fashioned (the ethernet) way.

    xo Jane

  3. Julienne, how wonderful. I wish we lived closer!! Blogging is a magical thing, at times even difficult to describe to others!! Still in recovery, however I wanted to thank you for your friendship and encouragement!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Dearest Julienne,

    Very thoughtful post and so well phrased for the year's ending... Kerry is a person with a great heart. It is so uplifting for knowing through blogging that there do still exist many of these kind and caring souls. May you have a wonderful and happy new year!
    Love to you,


  5. It is an amazing thing, I agree! Five years ago six women 'met' on the Country Living blog, and went on to start their own blogs. We six have never met - indeed live in three countries, on two continents - but we chat on email every day, connect by phone when we need to, and have supported one another through loss of a spouse, major illness, divorce etc etc. I could never have imagined it!

  6. It's so odd how one day it's just an interesting post that you are reading, and the next it's someone you truly feel a connection with and a desire to meet. Happy you had that opportunity. Hope 2012 will be filled with good experiences and more new friends.

  7. You made me cry! Julienne, those two hours we spent yacking were so very lovely. I've had a wonderful Christmas with my family and now you've cemented your place in my family of friends...not that we had to meet to do that of course but it makes it so much richer in person don't you think? I'm looking forward to spending some more time in your very excellent company when we can make our worlds collide again; I'm sure that wont be a problem! You're an inspiration...I want you to know that. Lots of love xx

  8. Oh Kerry, now you've made me cry!!!!!

  9. Oh how wonderful for you both to have met!! YAY!!! You lovelies are truly two gorgeous peas in a pod :D So happy to hear you had such a lovely time!! ~xx

  10. Hi Julienne..I am so jealous, you met Kerry! I imagined that she is wonderful as you say...I am not surprised! What a wonderful post, you hit on so many points that truly resonate. Thank you for this, it is the sort of thing that is worth sending to friends who are non-believers in this blogging world of ours. I like to think of it as our little secret and what a wonderful one it is!

    Many thanks for you comment...so nice to see you at One Pink Chair. I love the name and the header. I will be following along and in the meantime, send you very warm wishes for a very Happy New Year...

    Jeanne xx

  11. Loving this post, Julienne! And *so* excited that I'll meet Kerry next week ☺. J x


    I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! I just met with a lovely blogger friend YESTERDAY over coffee but most of all, over kind words and CREATIVE IDEAS!!!!!!

    I SO LOVE the name of your blog. BLOGGING has a way of changing your life. WHY? Because we OPEN UP ourselves through our visions, creations and sincere hope of reaching out. When other like-minded friends respond, THE MAGIC HAPPENS!

    Thank you for visiting and I look forward to another year of blissful moments....Anita

  13. How exciting to get to meet in person. The blog world is an amazing place isn't it?!

  14. So true about blogging doing away with prejudgement -- I love it for that.

    May 2012 be full of new joys for you, dear Julienne!

  15. great blog!!!

    following you now...

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  16. I love Kerry, she's one of my oldest blogging friends! I'm so happy that she was there for you and it doesn't surprise me at all that she was. I'm so glad you met. Rachaelxx

  17. It was meant to be Jules! Such lovely words in this post, we are all on the same bloggie wavelength.
    Millie xx


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