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Sunday, 4 December 2011

a new beginning.....!

Did the new adventure start when I drove to a neighbouring town?
Did it start the first time I left the house to spend a weekend with family?
or did it start when we entertained for the first time?

That's the day we are going with, and, as Gregoir took some really beautiful photos
we thought we would share them with you

Pieces that have been stored in the cottage,

hidden in the garage

pillows that grace the spare beds
were all dragged out of hiding

and set up on the side verandah

the gifted flowers were an appreciated touch of beauty

and with the ongoing rain the Jade decided it would not be put in the shade and shot up straight and tall

The food took forever and was unbelievably simple (I will have to practice again)
thank goodness for friends who brought a plate!

We did start small with just six guests and the three of us but it made for a jolly group

it wasn't quite on the scale of this but it is a start!

The adventures will continue


  1. Julienne, I am so excited about your new adventure and look forward to reading your post!! I adore your blog title, One Pink Chair and read about it below.


    Art by Karena

  2. Hello my lovely. What a beautiful grown up blog you have here.

    dear God the pictures,the type,the jade plant growing as I have never seen a jade grow before....

    I'm so happy you're back and we're about to enter a new chapter together.

    Reading glasses on, let's begin.

    xo jane

  3. Dear Julienne, I am so happy to be invited along on your new life adventure! I am so looking forward to all the things that you and Pinky will reveal. Your new blog looks gorgeous and those yummy nibbles would do me just fine, thanks!! Much love to you always ~ xx

  4. Oh I look forward to reading about your adventures Julienne. I will put your beautiful blog on my blogroll this instant. A-M xx

  5. Dear, dear Julienne!

    I LOVE THAT BENCH! And the other pieces are so wonderful. I see you have no snow. We just got our first real snow late yesterday and what a magical moment it is when it first hits. In March, we will be complaining about it, but for now, for this moment, the magic is special. THANK YOU FOR YOUR lovely, lovely comment. I always tell my students that WE WRITE TO MOVE OUR AUDIENCE: cry, laugh, think!!!!

    Many blessings to you, Anita

  6. It looks like a wonderful little event! Your house is beautiful -- will you tell us something of its history?

    i can't wait for the adventure to continue.
    i will put pink chair on my sidebar now.

    i am sad the remove ' mostly older'
    love you !!! xxx

  8. Oooooh, your blog is soooo gorgeous !! I Love love love it !! The photo's are brilliant !!

  9. And what lovely adventures still lie in wait for you and that pink chair Mama! I hope I'm part of them! xxx

  10. gorgeous blog julienne - so glad to see you back.

    hope the new year brings lots of happiness, you deserve it! jxxxxx

  11. Julienne - thank you for taking the time to write me. I am so relieved you are blogging and I love the name 'one pink chair'. Perhaps I need to reinvent myself and let go of the past? Your outdoor space is huge with charm and what I would give to have such an inviting space to entertain and enjoy friends. I think your next adventure is going to be a great one!

    Here's to new beginnings!

    : ) Deb

  12. Dearest Julienne,

    Lovely roses you have, besides the perfect entertaining spot.
    Love to you and lots of success!



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