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Monday, 5 December 2011

Did you know....?

That ladybirds came in quite so many 

shapes and sizes? 
 That they had  so many patterns ?
Did you know they gathered together like this?

We didn't!!!!

Did you know that if you look at the clouds very, very carefully
you can see the most amazing things?

We did!!!!

What can you see in the cloud above?

Do you see what we see 
a magnificent grey horse in full gallop
and if we look very carefully we can just see the rider

Happy cloud gazing


  1. Julienne That cloud is amazing. As a little girl I would look up at the clouds and watch them floating across the sky.

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  2. Do you think the rider's a dog? I do!

  3. Karena I will drop by
    Kerry that made me laugh but then I went back to look again, you could be right!

  4. What a beautiful way to end the day!! All the Rubie girls love cloud gazing and two of them spend hours in the garden searching for ladybugs, especially one named 'Spotty' who seems to return every year to protect our roses from aphids ;) Your post has made me smile, Julienne! Thank you xx

  5. I love Ladybirds, or as we call them in the States, Ladybugs. My grandmother's nickname for me was, Ladybug, so every time I see one, I think about her :-)

  6. It could almost be Wells... xxx

  7. WEL,
    it is an OBVIOUS horse!!!


    love xxx


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