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Thursday, 5 January 2012

For the birds....!

As I sit on the verandah with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a cold glass of juice in the other I watch

the antics of the two chooks that have taken up residence on the lawn of the unit I am staying in
they are wild and divide their time between here and the golf club opposite.

How they survive the two cats that are also in residence is a mystery but the hunting and fleeing
makes for some hysterical viewing. Mostly the hunting is done by the chooks and the fleeing by the cats!!!!

This beautiful place is on the beach and seems to call to all the local bird life

as the rainbow lorikeets come in the morning for their tit bits

but I am afraid they don't much fancy Special K!!!

The smell of the barbecue didn't take long to tempt the local kookaburra family

as Mum and Dad and the large child kept a close eye on the meat that was cooking;
Those beaks are a bit large to get too close to so I'm afraid I wasn't into the feeding part. The children, who have no fear did that for us!!!

Each morning as I walk along the beach the seagulls keep me company

but once they discover I have run out of titbits they tend to fight among themselves and get very noisy
and cheeky.

as they squabble over the bits of seaweed that they think might contain a breadcrumb or two.
Wishful thinking, on their part, I am afraid!

This was supposed to be about the birds I have been spending time with but I have included this image because
I could!!

UK daughter got a new, very impressive, camera last year and now
I have inherited her old one and it is magic!
Allows me to take photos of the sun hitting the trees at just the right moment!

What birds do you have in your garden?


  1. Julienne, your photos are just beautiful!! I love the one of the sunlight hitting the gum trees...gorgeous! We are so very lucky to have a family of little Blue Wrens that visit our garden every year. They are so beautiful and sweet and our girls always get so excited (and a little competitive) to see who will be the first to spot them :D PS... not sure why I am not showing up in your followers list:( Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pics of your feathered friends, I just LOVE Kookaburras! Hugs as always, sweet lady ~ xx

  2. No kookaburras - that's for sure. Couldn't even spell it! Thanks so much for the photo. Now I shall have a picture in my head of the "kookaburra sits in the old oak tree ..."

  3. Julienne my goodness gorgeous birds!!

    We have cardinals as the most colorful birds sometimes little yellow finches. In the spring and sumer a lot of barnswalllows!

    I hope you will enter my Giveaway from Serena & Lily.

    Art by Karena

  4. I love to see images from your part of the world. The tree with the sun on it reminds me of the red bark of our native Arbutus trees.
    Over here, outside my window, I see humming birds all year round (although they're hiding from the rain today), ravens, bald eagles, vultures, hawks and in the summer, swallows.

  5. Tina, you are there it's just that my beautiful band of 'pinks' keep disappearing! sometimes 5 sometimes 30...strange, very strange! I have blue wrens at home xx
    Webb the kookaburras were very pushy and they will still a sausage out of your hand and with one quick shake of their head it is broken in two!
    Karena, I've only seen photos of cardinals they look so beautiful, our lorikeets come in many variations but this is one of my favourites and we have them at home too but not as friendly as these little chaps.
    Pondside, wow what an amazing collection you have all the big hunting birds, We have a pair of wedge tail eagles at home and when they come by they are so beautiful but I think our farmers made a mess of the eagle population in years gone by so we don't see many any more.

  6. That new camera is working a treat! Love kookaburras but they are few and far between here. I do get lots of parrots though, or lorikeets...I never know the difference! You are sounding very relaxed :)

  7. No birds in my garden as I live in a concrete bunker... but that's about to change! I miss the birds. That was the first thing I thought of when I knew I was going to have a little garden in the next place... getting a bird feeder. Love sun shots. I am always trying to capture the western sun in my kitchen as it sets, and the rising sun reflection on the river in the mornings. Sounds like the beach is just perfect for you at the moment J. A-M xx

  8. jules

    i love this kind of thing!
    the birds are the coolest ever!

    we have wild parrots here ,
    just like the wild pythons in the everglades.
    people buy parrot & exotic snakes and set them free in the everglades.
    but i love the parrots, when they fly across the sky ....it is a sky of my favorite GREEN.

    have fun with the new camera.
    love xx

  9. What a wonderful post. You've just transported me, I feel so relaxed now! I love your appreciation of the local bird life. I love the birds we have around here, even the screeching cockatoos. We often have pink galahs in the front yard, lorikeets, kookaburras in the trees out the back and occasionally a duck in the pool. I just love it. Have a good night..Rachaelxx

  10. Oh, those lorikeets! How beautiful! And the kookaburru -- in Girl Scouts we used to sing "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, Eating all the gumdrops he can see, Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra, Leave some there for me!"

    And now I can see both a kookaburra and a gum tree!

    Here in the mountains of western North Carolina, USA, we have red-tailed hawks,indigo buntings, scarlet tanangers, bluebirds, purple finches, turkeys, blue jays, cardinals, goldfinches, rose-breasted grosbeaks, just to name the most colorful.

  11. Oh they are gorgeous Julienne and I especially like the Kookaburra. We get a few little wrens in our garden in Melbourne - so pretty. And in UK I love the little robins. Happy 2012 to you.... xx

  12. Jules... you have my favourites here. When we lived in Sydney, I loved waking to the sound of kookaburra's in the morning. I admit that was not my first reaction on the very first morning but I grew to love them. We had a very bright and boisterous crowd of lorikeets as well. Such personality!

    We have the sweetest song birds outside our window in England...they love a good chatter. I miss the wildness of the Australian birds and have a CD of bird sounds to remind me. Wherever we live, and before we move on, I buy a CD of the local birds. One of those kooky things I do...I think bird lovers everywhere would understand.. :)

    Thanks for this post, great memories! Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Jules..

    Jeanne xx

  13. That's quite a collection of birds you got there! I see an occasional magpie around here, but that's about it.
    And I'd love to see the chook chasing a cat away :-)


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