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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

up the garden path....!

I walk up the path

check out the tables under the grape,
but it's a hot day and the mossies will be out, so I stroll up 

on to the verandah but, it's not that hot, 
and the tables are in the shade 

so I look back into the garden, that flourishes here no matter
 how much (or how little) rain we may have had during the year.

and there is the table under the pistachio tree,
 nobody is sitting there
it's just the right distance from the fish pond
 so the mossies aren't a problem
there is enough sun filtered through the leaves to make it just right

I move smartly back down the steps of the verandah
 before someone else beats me to it.

I pull out the chair,  put my handbag on it, and wait for the girls to join me

Once upon a time I would come here each day with my book, have my coffee, sometimes a piece of cake or a bowl of soup. My friends would wave and pass on, they knew it was my alone time, my time for me,
Now they join me,  we laugh, we chat and we make  busy 
plans for other days

I don't need me time, alone time any more

is it time for a cuppa?


  1. Oh my dear I am so loving your new site!!

    Vicki from French Essence has offered her duo of books to 2 winners!We are on our 5th day of Holiday Giveaways with 4 events being open!

    Art by Karena

  2. What a beautiful place for a cuppa! I'm guessing that mossies are mosquitoes? Around here (southern USA) they're skeeters. And ladybirds are ladybugs. Isn't language fun!

  3. This looks like the perfect place for alone time or time with friends--or a bit of both! As we head into the cold here in my part of the world, I'm feeling a little envious of all that green where you live! :)

    Your new blog is just lovely, and it's a treat to visit you here. xo Gigi

  4. I love that you have a lovely place to sit and that your friends are clever enough to know to sit with you :)


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