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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The wedding....!

The groom looks amazing
a bit lighter in weight but otherwise pretty good
Do we detect a slight nervousness there as he prepares to go out to official areas?!

we didn't have time to notice as we cut and sliced in readiness for the predicted 300 odd guests
see the powerful magic of this day here

the guests didn't notice as they lined up to sign the visitors book

and waited for the big moment

the sun made it's first appearance in days and the wind dropped down
God was being very kind on this most beautiful day

the bride, as is her prerogative, kept the groom waiting, but only for a few moments

She looked beautiful, happy and radiant

and then it was all over and we met them as Mr and Mrs for the first time in 34 years

They are an amazingly handsome couple

did I mention that the Groom's dogs also took part in the ceremony

resplendent in their satin rose collars. They were quite happy to go back to their beds though as there were just too many people for them to cope with

some of the guests were dressed to the nines

and some just needed a bit if time out!!

amongst the roses

Say a little prayer for Col and Cheryle that this may be a marriage of years not months!!


  1. if i ever get married again.....
    it looks divine to have you do all the preps.

    gorgeous couple xx
    love you

  2. Oh that was so lovely and don't they look beautiful...both of them :) Wishing them loads of wonders in 2012.

  3. Dearest Julienne,

    What a touching gathering IN LOVE! May God grant Col and Cheryle indeed several years more...
    Love to you for a beautiful post and wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


  4. This is one Christmas that I will look at everything in a different light. From what I've experienced and now from what you've shared with us about Col and Cheryle. Their union had to have been one of those rare moments that shakes your soul on so many levels? I've never seen a more beautiful couple and I will be praying over and over again for many years of marriage for them. That's is what you call love. Thank you for sharing their story.

    Julienne I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish for you joy and peace, love and good health.

    xo Deb

  5. I wish that beautiful couple years of happiness together.
    I didn't realise that you'd started blogging again - so happy to have found this, and I'll follow.

  6. How special. Years. I wish them years. A-M xx

  7. Wishing the beautiful couple all the very best! Thank you for sharing these photos, Julienne. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Hugs to you from the Rubies ~ xx

  8. What a beautiful event! All best wishes to the handsome couple! And best holiday wishes to you, Jules. May the coming year hold unexpected joys!

  9. I'm so glad you posted on this gorgeous day Julienne, a truly wonderful day for a beautiful couple. Hope your Chrissie Day with the kids was sweet & I'm sure Top was there in everything you did together.
    Millie xx

  10. Every happiness to them and what an amazingly handsome couple - you're so right there. And also thinking of you Julienne this holiday season... sending you my best wishes and love... (and yaaay I have been able to follow your blog now!) XXX


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