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Monday, 9 April 2012

Can you tell me why......??

why this looks so
prettily elegant
so shabby chic
so romantic

and when I do it in my bedroom
or my library
or my dressing room
or my living room
it just looks




  1. I don't know the answer, maybe you just need to tweak one or two things? That's what I do when I set up displays at work. It's a very pretty pic :)

  2. Sarah, it is always possible, of course that I have just been plain untidy and and am just hoping that anyone visiting might think I was being shabby chic artistic!!!!!
    The pic is beautiful and I couldn't resist using it.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter xx

  3. I believe it looks as beautiful and soulful in your room...you are just looking with different eyes.

    Did that work for ya?

    1. Linda it would if I had actually designed mine to look like that!! It is so hard to keep this house tidy for a possible(!!!!!) inspection as I have so much stuff!!!

      How lovely to see you here again and now nearly all my very favourite people have found my new spot!!!!!

  4. Dearest Jules,

    Yeah, but you and I live a REAL LIFE!
    Love to you,


    1. Oh Mariette we do indeed!!!!! It is so pretty though!

  5. Hilarious and touches a bit of a raw nerve I think Jules!

    Because a styled life and a real life are very much different things. I bet if you had seen this vignette in real life it would have been surrounded by all the chaos flung asunder to make this look so perfect. And it is in the chaos flung asunder that fabulous stories abound.

    It's a great collection of beautiful items, I have to say!

    1. Oh that nerve is exposed and burning!!!!!!!
      I have vignettes like this all over the house at the moment as I decide what to keep and what to get rid of result the house looks as though it has been hit by a b...b!!!!
      If someone should actually want to look at the house with an interest in purchase I would be in a bit of bother. I so wish I could get organised but in the meantime I shall have a bit of a giggle over, what I see as a mess, someone else sees as beauty!!!!! (and it is beautiful!!)

  6. Hi Jules, what we often admire in a magazine isn't always practical in real life. Many times I've attempted to style a space after admiring a picture only to think 'gee that looks ho hum'. I think half the fun is just having a fiddle and foof around before we place our stuff back where it started.

  7. probably because it is really a store display in anthropology on the way to the dressing rooms!!


  8. Encantador!!!
    Un abrazo muy cariñoso. Manoli

  9. Pass put the rose coloured glasses as they enter? I find suggesting imaginary ones is handy too! I need to start doing the same, realtors always say less is more, my stuff gets packed away to make for a bigger living space. :)
    Best wishes Jules..
    Jeanne. xx

  10. You made me giggle and I must confess I have returned to see if any sage wisdom could be gleaned from your clever readers on this most perplexing of concerns.

    I like Annie's take and am off to bake some bikkies and have a fiddle and foof around in my own immaculately styled home in preparation for the return of the teens - yikes!

    Happy weekend Lovely,

  11. JULES MY DEAR! Thank you for visiting and I TOO HAVE THE SAME DILEMMA as you. I see an idea for gray and white and chandeliers. THEN I TRY IT IN MY HOME and it doesn't look quite right. BUT I THINK I put my finger on it for MY HOME. As I weed out JUNK and things that are NO authentic to the style I am trying to achieve, THEN the looks starts to emerge. If I have too much clutter with things that are not that French château look I want, then it looks as if I am trying too hard. But as I focus on the authenticity of a real French castle, then it starts to look what I want. LOOK AROUND and take away stuff that isn't REAL antique...see if it works for ya!!!! Anita


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