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Monday, 16 April 2012

my town part I

We moved here 16 years ago.

 It wasn't meant to be for long.

Over a period of 26  years we lived in Sydney, Melbourne,
Adelaide, Hobart (twice!), Brisbane 
and then it was going to be a couple here before moving on again!

It didn’t happen.

 So here I am 16 years later;
this is the longest time I have lived in the one house.
It is the longest I have lived in the one town or suburb.

Why so long here?

Is it the town?  The house?  The people?  The circumstances?
Or heaven forbid just inertia?

I can’t answer that because I think it is probably a combination of the first three
with a fair bit of the last thrown in for good measure!

But I would not even be asking myself this question if fate hadn’t stepped in and changed my life.
I can only thank God that he so wisely allowed me to be living in this town
at this time because without it
I would be in serious trouble!

Many years of living in big cities 
have shown me that knowing and liking your neighbours
is not always a given
but you can enjoy a privacy to your life that you may or may not want.

You go shopping on a Saturday morning
and it takes at least fifteen minutes to drive there,
one hour to do the shopping,
fifteen minutes waiting in the queue to be served,
ten minutes to get yourself out of the car park
and fifteen minutes to drive home.
Total 1hour and 55 minutes.

Here, I go shopping on a Saturday morning 
and it takes five minutes to walk (five minutes if I drive because I have to open gates!)
fifteen minutes to scoot around and choose my bits and pieces,
forty minutes catching up on the family tales of at least 4 local families,
ten minutes discussing the fund raiser last Tuesday and how successful it was.
two minutes to have my goods pass through the checkout.

It would take me five minutes to walk (or drive) back home 
except that I run into a friend who is dying for coffee.

One hour 55 minutes later when I arrive home 
I have shopped,
caught up on all the gossip in town,
enjoyed the company of friends and acquaintances,
scoffed a rather rich and decadent piece of cake and sipped a rich creamy coffee.

Is there any comparison between the two?

I don’t think so!

As for the house
Well that's for the next post!!!!!!


  1. A wonderful and enriching life indeed Jules!

    Art by Karena

    1. A relaxing life when everything else is OK! There is no rush and hustle which I like
      Julenne xx

  2. Perhaps it is that you have put down roots and it's now your HOME, not just your house. We all need a place that feels "right" and feeds our spirits. Perhaps this is yours ... and you should just relax - redecorate a bit if you want - and enjoy it.

    1. Webb it is just too big and I cannot manage the upkeep I ned to find something much smaller!!!!
      Though I have to say if I could afford to stay here I probably would!!!!

  3. Very thought provoking ponderings Jules. So it's easy to see why you stayed there - it obviously just feels like "home" from all the connections. It also looks very beautiful! Having lived in both town & city environments, I know what you mean. But I often think it is the luck of the draw, if one moves to an area where one just clicks or not. City or town. Neighbors can become best friends, or just somebody who waves hello. Luckily, you found the former! So no wonder it feels like home. X

    1. You are right about the just clicking and we did have family and friends here when we first moved here so that made it a bit easier!
      Unlike our first Hobart residence where I always felt on the outer but when we went back the second time it was completely different and we fitted straight in so it is the luck of the draw!!!!!

  4. Just noticed your blog on ThehousethatA-M built blog roll and have read your blog from start to finish, I look forward to checking in with you regularly.

    1. SusieQ how lovely of you to drop by I always love meeting new people and love it even more when they decide to stay!!!
      A-M is just gorgeous isn't she?

  5. It sounds as though you are in the perfect spot, though it would have been nice if you were in Hobart, we could have met for a cuppa.
    I look forward to hearing about the house. Is that it in the photo above? That verandah looks amazing!

    1. I would so enjoy that cup of coffee Sarah we will have to do it when I visit next!!
      Yes that is one corner of the verandah and our dead and dying lawn!!!!!
      Just keeping the verandah swept and free of the current masses of spiders takes me a day!!!!! J xx

  6. I hope that's in store for me this weekend :)

  7. It depends do you want to relax and enjoy or do you want to be kept flat out busy? Either one can be arranged!!!!
    I am so looking forward to seeing you Julienne xxxx

  8. Jules..love this post, I often think in those terms, count yourself lucky! Moving is tough but I keep the one door closes, another opens philosophy going for me and I discover the most wonderful surprises when I do. :) Your patch of the world is beautiful and the house... can't wait! xxx

  9. It is an incredible town alas I need to be closer to family though the place I want to move to is not that far from here just easier to get to the girls from there!!! xx

  10. It sounds like an idyllic spot -- though I have no doubt you'll turn wherever you land into another lovely home.

  11. Isn't a blog a great place to sound things out?

    Looking forward to the house post.

    xo Jane


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