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Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Town Part III

Last the people…
it is the people who make this town.
Country towns have a reputation for being cliquey, 
for groups not mixing; not integrating…that is not the case here! 
My friends, and they are amazing friends, 
come from town and out of town. 
They are married and single. 
They are young, middling and aged. 
They are university educated and they left school at 12 
to help raise their families.

They are many and varied but without exception they are kind and caring, 
they are generous with their time and their emotions.
When I lost my best friend, my partner 
suddenly and totally unexpectedly 
and really, really needed them recently,
they came. 

They came
bearing food, lawn mowers, mops and polishing cloths. 
I was fed, whether I wanted to be or not, 
my house gleamed from top to toe 
and when it became necessary
they dressed me in the clothes they no longer fitted into, 
though in truth they received the ones that were now falling off me!

They planted vegetable gardens, they weeded vegetable gardens, 
they just sat and held my hand when I needed someone, 
they found the oddest jobs to keep me busy!
Months later,
when you would expect them all to go back to their own families and lives 
I wake to the phone ringing 
and have to leap out of bed 
to make sure the dogs are locked away as the lawn is about to be mown. 
I wake to the phone 
and leap out of bed 
to be told that I have half a table to fill at the local market tomorrow. 
I wake to the phone 
and leap out of bed 
to hear that it’s a good day to play scrabble they will be around in an hour 
(It’s the first anniversary  of an important day, 
it’s Australia day, his birthday) 
but they come with lunch and dinner, some happy music and nobody mentions what day it is…where are their families, 
why at home of course!

Like all towns and suburbs this one has its problems, 
its uncontrollable kids, its petty thieves, bad language 
but that doesn’t detract from the sheer thoughtfulness, 
kindness and deep friendship 
that I have found here

And it is a pretty town to drive through  
and its positioning as the hub of the circle 
that consists of five major towns
and many smaller towns all within an hours drive
 means that everything you could wish for is within reach!

Will I leave this town now?
I still don’t know.

But I cannot think that I will ever find 
a better place to live out the rest of my days.

Thank you for listening to my story
and the images?......just because I liked them!!!!!!


  1. Bless your sweet beautiful heart! Remember with love and happiness. There is a plan, we don't always see it.

  2. It had better be a good plan cause this part is not brilliant!!!!!!
    But the good memories are coming and at last are being welcomed.

  3. Friends you can count on are worth more than any real estate. You have found your home, now you just need to decide on lodgings.

    1. Oh Webb I have found the lodgings they are just not here!!!! Not too far away though so we can stay close!!

  4. So beautifully written. You have been supported so lovingly - it will be hard to leave....but then, your friends will have an excuse for a drive and you will have an excuse to visit.

  5. It is only 2 hours away and we would meet in the middle, which we currently do for another friend) and It will be very hard to leave them but I really need to stand on my own two feet!!
    My Grandmother used to say 'careful what you wish for...you just might get it!!!!' so I hope I am wishing for the right thing!

  6. Dearest Jules,

    Oh, how tough life can be at times. Good thing is that when we were all young, such decisions never even would cross our minds. But now we must face hard decisions, but a blessing is that you're not alone, being surrounded by such great friends makes it all easier. We carry each other at times of difficulty, when the going gets rough.
    Keep your head up and face the sunshine so the shadows will fall behind you. And with your partner in heaven, only God knows how much he will be able to support you from his new 'home'...
    Love to you,'

  7. Your friends sound like loving, supportive wonderful people xo

  8. Oh Jules, what an extraordinary support system you have there! I've never heard of anything like it. Remarkable in this day. J x

    1. I think its the small community but it may be that this is a community rich to overflowing with just gorgeous people

  9. What wonderful friends and neighbors you have! Blessings to you , Jules, for making it through this year.

    1. Tomorrow is the year up I cannot believe that it has come around so quickly except that there is a period of 5 months that seems to have disappeared!!!!!

  10. You are rich, rich, rich beyond measure my lovely. To have friends like yours, you will be safe, loved and never alone. You give out what you get back though.... so here's to you Jules, there's no-one like you. A-M xx

    1. A-M they are just pure magic each and every one of them!

  11. Hi Jules, I am so glad that you popped over to visit me. I have just spent some time reading back over your jourey and you are an incredible lady that is surrounded by lots of people that love you. It is such a blessing to have friends such as yours and in return you are a blessing to others. Kerry mentioned on FB that she was going to Wellington and I asked why as I had just been there the day before. My sister in law and her husband moved there a year ago and she is having a hard time meeting people and settling in. Her husband is Nepalese and works for the Medical centre and on call at the hospital. They are currently expecting their 2nd child. I wish you all the best for the next part of your journey and I will be popping in to visit you again. xx

    1. I have sent you an email but am not sure if it went or not!!!!!
      hotmail is playing up shockingly and has wiped half of my mail!!!!

  12. Jules...it sounds to good to be true...I don't envy you this decision at all. Listen to your heart...
    Jeanne xx


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