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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Following blogs and the beach.....!!!!!!

After two years of blogging and following I have a problem.

following the blogs of others

When I started most blogs I found were on blogger and I just pressed the little follow button on the top left and the blog would faithfully turn up on my dashboard where I could read and comment to my hearts content.

After going missing in action for over six months I notice there have been some changes.
Many bloggers have swapped to WordPress
Now, if I was following them before, that is fine they still pop up on  my dashboard
if they look exciting and I would like to follow it appears I have to subscribe via email!!!!

This I won't do!

My email here is where I conduct beautiful conversations with you and the one thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings is the chance that there might be a lovely message from you
I do not need to lose that amongst the emailed blogs!

My personal email currently has dozens of unopened emails that I really need to attend to so I don't need more there either

So my conundrum is
do I follow from someone else's blogroll (and not really get to know them!) not follow at all (and thus miss out on what may become a beautiful friendship!)
Now sometimes they do have an RSS feed but this creates another problem...I do not understand RSS feed and every time I try to do this I just get the same blog (1 only) from about 18 months ago from a blog that I no longer wish to follow as she was somewhat offensive!!!
I have also tried copying the URL (?) and adding it to the dashboard only when I do that all of you, my dear band of merry men, disappear (obviously blogger objects strenuously to outside influences!!)

what to do???

and the images you ask? I am just trying to pretend I am still at the beach!!!
first photos taken on my new (old) camera!!!
(I have to work on the lighting thing as it was one of the few sunny days!!!)


  1. I just put them on my blog roll, then they're always there for me to see and be reminded of. Of course, it does tend to make for a very long roll! Aren't beaches wonderful places to be :)

  2. At the moment you have to be pretty special to be on my blog roll!!!!! xx

  3. And liking a blogs facebook page if they have one is another way I keep on top of things. Or not, more likely!

    1. Oh Kerry, I fell in love with shabby chic mania and liked on Facebook! She is so prolific I don't get to see anybody else!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I find it all so very confusing. I'm sorry that I have no good advice. Like you, I don't want to find my email full of blogs. I'll be back to see if anyone has an idea or two!....thanks for asking the question.

    1. It would just be easier if WordPress had a compatible follow button! But if you do find out anything I would love to know.

  5. Dear Julienne,

    I love to blog. It literally has changed my life. And quite frankly, if I didn't have to work BEYOND full time, I would try to find a career in writing where I could continue to create, connect and inspire. I so hear ya! Thank you for coming to visit me and that PINK DOOR! HAVE A LOVELY DAY DREAMING about the beach....I am with you there too! Anita

    1. Anita, blogging is now saving my life! With Mostly Older Than Me it was a joy now with One Pink Chair it is a necessity!
      I love the way you write and have been enjoying you for the last two years so just keep it up. xx

  6. Oh lovely shots. What a lovely blog, just found you, hello, how do you do!!
    I agree, i'm going nuts, so many blogs i can't comment, it just draws a blank, then i have to fill in all my details to leave a comment plus verification words & so much, it's really starting to take the meaning out of the comment in the first place when it takes 5 minutes & cutting & pasting!! Exhausting.
    I'm blogger, yay, love Posie

    1. How nice to see you here and I rather fancy it is a very, very small world! I have visited your blog before because my Sydney daughter is one of your long term customers (she is a mad patchworker!) so lovely to meet you Posie.

  7. Hi dear Julienne:) Love your beach shots and wishing I was somewhere coastal!! Re: the Wordpress blog situation... I was going to say to just add them to your dashboard using their url, but I see you have already tried this. Not sure why you would have the problem of every other blog disappearing when you try it, darn technology! I do know that I could not manage *unfollow* some blogs a while back, using Blogger through my Firefox browser. BUT when I opened Blogger with Internet Explorer, I was able to use the manage function without a problem...Maybe just switch Browsers and see if it lets you add the blogs to your dashboard, that way? Just a thought based on my own previous experience. Good luck :) Hugs ~ Txx

    1. The blogger problems seem to have started when I started one pink chair. I don't think a second blog is a good idea! Internet explorer or chrome don't seem to make much difference there does I just wish for the compatible follow button! There doesn't seem to be much I haven't tried. Have a wonderful Sunday love J xx

  8. Julienne I do understand ! I don't seem to have a problem adding sites to my own blogroll via Google, however yes my list is about a mile long and on my back page even longer!

    About a half dozen come via email and that is okay.
    I do not have word verification and I wish others did not as well!

    Art by Karena

  9. great beach shots.....
    and as for the subscribing thingie.
    it's not for me either.

    i know blogger has had it's difficulties,
    blogger still rocks!!
    they always work out their issues, even if it takes a week and we are going nutz because we think we lost a comment or 5!!

    i am too old to learn a new system, and besides let's hope they come back to blogger so 'WE' don't have to deal with these issues and choices.
    whew....i hope that made sense...i just kept typing-
    i never do that!

    xxx hugs to my bud

    1. I am far too old to learn!!! I love Blogger and you just have to look at this blog to know there is not much you can't do. http://janellemccullochlibraryofdesign.blogspot.com/

      I do have some problems seeing some of the things on it but it sure
      does rock as a blog site!

      It would be nice if they came back!!!

      Lots of hugs back my pet J xx

  10. Thanks so much for this post. I thought I was just too darn stupid to figure it out, but you have described perfectly my frustration - and I have no solution. Hate Facebook. Never realized what verbal diarrhea some of my friends have!

    Love you pictures and always feel peaceful when I leave. Well, today I feel more relieved and not alone!

    1. Webb, the wonderful thing, I have discovered, is that when you blog you are never alone!!

  11. I have heard this has been a problem for others too...just hasn't happened to me, yet. Loving your beautiful beach shots...wishing for warm beach weather in NC...

  12. This conundrum resonates with me too Julienne, in fact I pondered similar questions recently. I like to follow a simple approach to most things in life and finding time to do it all in blog land is a balancing act.
    Let's face it..blogging, following, commenting etc can be rather confusing.
    We all have to figure out what works best in our own lives and sometimes bypass the 'rules'.

    1. I read your ponderings and have left my little comment!
      It comes easier as you go on, you become more discerning about who you want to follow. When I first started I followed every pretty picture!!!)Some I follow through others when they post something that catches my eye, My friends I follow daily, blogs that are just pretty I follow when I can. If I haven't read or commented over a 6 month period I tend to leave, but do check back often!
      But I love every bit of blogging and as I don't watch TV and no longer have children at home time is not my problem!!!!! xx

  13. OK here's my take on this for what it's worth Jules. When I went back FT last year I needed to be ruthless with my time allocation. I visit & comment on everyone who leaves comments 'cos that's just me. Then I chose randomly from my blog roll on something that catches my eye. It varies according to how much time I've got as to how many I can manage to visit. My blog roll & follow feeds are precious to me & contain my dearest bloggie friends. I have had to stop following anyone else, or I'd be foundering. One day this will change & I will have the awesome gift of time again, so I can sort of accept this temporary situation.
    Millie xx

  14. Beautiful photos -- but I don't have an answer to your problem.


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