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Monday, 23 January 2012

Surfing the net

Whilst I was away we had three days where it was hot enough for me to go into the water.

 It has to be fairly hot for me to hit the surf, but the taste of salt on my lips the push and pull of the waves and the laughter of the children made it well worth the indignity of sand where you didn't want it, stinging eyes and ear ache!!

Over the last few weeks I have been surfing in a much more comfortable way

I have been surfing your blogs
which is why I asked the question on Sunday!

My absolute new favourite is
Janelle McCulloch's Library of Design
her blog design is absolutely outstanding
(The fact that I can't quite work some of it out is absolutely beside the point!)

 Janelle posts regularly and covers fashion, decorating,

food, photography, books 

and bits about herself and probably lots of other things I just haven't caught up with.

 She is charming and always replies (nicely) to my comments no matter how inane!!!
She is a
  * * * * *
blog and I highly recommend a visit if you are not already there

then I came across
bush belles
"for rural women who want to be informed, inspired and instyle"

If you want to know about the Australian country lifestyle she is doing a great job
there is important info for rural women, fashion
the blog design is attractive and easy to move around all in all a really lovely blog

eye candy, when you really need it

and I am just enjoying reading though I haven't gone too far back yet.
* * * * * 
I am thoroughly enjoying it and again highly recommend that you drop in for a visit and check it for yourself.

do you want more recommendations?
and let me know if you agree with me!

images from Janelle McCulloch and bushbelles (except the first which is from moi!)


  1. Thanks for the hot tip about Janelle, Julienne! I'm now following her. You're a darling for sharing your hot tips here ☺. J x

    1. It's just such a stylish blog and she replies to all comments beautifully and with thought! I hope she can keep that up when she is fully discovered!

  2. How funny - I found Janelle's blog today - it's fabulous. A non-blogging, yet blog obsessed friend, sent it to me this morning. Spent the evening trying to read it all - in between feeding the family of course! A x

  3. Good blogs are always found and I am predicting that Janelle will be one of the top ones in no time at all!
    I am still catching up and I have been following for weeks now!

  4. I'll have to run over for a look.
    Sand and surf sound lovely, by the way!

  5. What lovely comments! Thank you Julienne for kindly mentioning my little Library blog. I'm so touched. And of course you're allowed to use ANY images you want! I'm not precious about things like that. I'm sorry you've had a difficult time navigating it - or "working it out". Please let me know what the problems are and I'll try and rectify them. I'm very new to this, so admit the whole thing isn't perfect!

    PS I've just read the "About You" and I'm so sorry to hear you've had a terrible year. I should have realised earlier. Forgive me. I hope the year is slowly becoming more bearable. I always remember Churchill's saying "If you're going through hell, just keep going!" It keeps me going when times get tough.
    Email me if you need to on janelle.mcculloch@bigpond.com. I'm a country girl too (Western districts of Victoria) and then Gippsland, so appreciate the difficulties of living in rural areas. Look forward to a great friendship! Janelle xx

  6. Ooh, I do like Bush Belles, but had not seen Janelle's blog! Thanks for the recommendation, will have to jump on over, fully knowing that if you have recommended it, then it must be fabulous:) Happy Tuesday dear Julienne~xx

  7. Noticed that you had found Janelle's blog too, Julienne...I love it!! She is amazing isn't she and such a talented person - and her books are GORGEOUS. I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago and she is as friendly and kind in real life too. Have not been to Bush Belles but will hop on over. Thanks ! X

  8. Oh and I have done exactly the same.. spent hours (when I should have been doing something boringly houseworky!) catching up on ALL Janelle's previous posts too. Pure bliss though! x

  9. Oh awesome! Dying over that gorgeous b/w study...so effortless and chic...I'll check her out now, thanks for the tips!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com


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