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Thursday, 19 January 2012

How many shoes is too many...?

I went to the big smoke for Christmas and I took
summer and winter clothes 'cause the weather was very strange
I took the leg of ham
I took 3 books to read
and I took 8 pairs of shoes
I was prepared for every eventuality!

unfortunately this pair were not amongst the eight pair

but these were!!

Now it is possible that 8 pairs is slightly excessive for just 3 weeks
and it does seem highly unlikely that I would need any more shoes but I have a small thing about shoes.
You could almost accuse me of having a shoe fetish
My excuse was that the sales were on and I wouldn't be back in the Big Smoke for some months

I would like to say that I was looking for these, but I don't think I would have found them where I was looking

but I think I would love a pair of banana shoe or maybe coffee or Asian or mother/daughter or
toucan or duck or swan or olive oyl shoes and I always wanted to be a blonde!!!

all these wonderful shoes and more can be seen at Kobi Levi's blog here

but instead I went looking for a pair of ballet slipper type in a little shoe shop I knew about
I walked out with a few pair!!!
Then we went to Blue illusion and the white shoes belonged to me
and of course we went to David Jones and who could consider not getting a pair of half boots for winter
after all it is just around the corner...isn't it?

 winter really is just around the corner...really so the lace up walking shoes had to come home too
Do you think arriving with 8 pair and going home three weeks later with 22 pair is just a wee bit more than excessive?

See you at the next shoe  sale!!!!


  1. Ha!! I love your style girlfriend. I would love to shop with you because I know you would be encouraging me...oh yes at that price you must take them in these 3 colors!

    You added admirably to your collection! Do you have a link for any of the shops?


    Art by Karena

  2. It is a known fact that there is no such thing as too many shoes. Don't let anyone tell you any differently!

    1. Webb, shoes are such an expression of one's personality that you have to have a pair for every mood!

  3. I am seriously impressed by your shopping prowess and your stamina! And you also influence others..,there's an Oroton wallet in the townhouse that wouldn't have been here without your encouragement. It was on sale too! Of course! Xx

    1. Kerry, so glad you found a wallet, the girls in that Oroton shop were so nice! I have just discovered the reply thing here don't know if it's working but we'll try it!!!!

  4. 22!! You need to take me shoe shopping... I hate it!

  5. well, well
    who knew you were a junkie!!!!

    love the banana shoes best!

    love xxx

    1. They were my favourite too, though I had a sneaky hankering for the coffee shoes! You are right I am such a shoe junkie!!!! big hugs xxx

  6. A girl after my own heart!
    Alas these days I need to wear either of two types of shoe for a foot injury so my shoe fetish has been somewhat stymied.
    Enjoy your fabulous collection.
    Annie xx

  7. But you can have them in every colour and I have these amazing clips with roses and bows and buckles that clip on the front and jazz up the plainest shoe! Though I have noticed that the comfy brands are getting more design orientated now!

  8. I get it. Completely.
    The Great Dane is very tolerant of my shoe 'thing' but doesn't understand the need for more than one pair of blue shoes, or three pairs of red shoes, or numerous pairs of black shoes. He doesn't understand, but he accepts that they are all necessary!
    oh, and I bought 3 new pairs one day last week. Red. Black. Brown.

  9. I'm so pleased you do! Men never do! I'm not absolutely certain that my two daughters get it!!!

  10. No, not at all excessive - love your shoe purchases and Winter will be here before we know it!! Your post made me smile Julienne. xx

  11. I'd probably get it more if they were ALL pink shoes... ;-) xxx

  12. I can relate SO well to that! I ALWAYS take too many shoes when I travel somewhere. It's ironic, because I usually only take a carry-on case - even when I'm on a work trip overseas – and yet in there are usually four or more pairs of shoes! And then I usually have to buy another suitcase overseas to carry all my shoe purchases home! The shoe shopping overseas, especially at sale time (July and early Jan) is amazing. Hope you had a lovely time in the city! Janelle xx

  13. Oh dear Janelle, if I shopped for shoes overseas it is possible that I might have to buy my own plane to come home in!!!!!!!
    I love visiting the big smoke and had three glorious weeks with all my kids really hated coming home except that I do love the quiet, traffic free streets of the country!

  14. LOL, Julienne!! I LOVE your work :) xx

    1. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!

  15. hahaha. i really like the first shoe and the banana one. so fun!:D

    1. I would really, really like to own the banana shoes!

  16. Oh, my! A budding Imelda Marcos!-- I love the banana shoes!

    1. Imelda Marco would be left in the shade if you could see the ones I already have at home!!!!
      In all truth though some are more than 20 years old and still in perfect condition...quality does pay but I can't resist my little $5.00
      ballet slippers!!!!!!!

  17. jules - there is no such thing as too many!! just accept it and you will find peace xxx

  18. I am accepting!!!!! Obviously!!!!


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