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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I read the red.....!!!!

I started blogging when someone whispered in my ear
"I follow a blog"
and so I came to look at absolutely beautiful things
and then later other beautiful interior blogs
and then I started
Mostly Older Than Me
which was supposed to be about the furniture we bought and renovated!
Didn't happen!!!!

but we are a cliquey lot here in the blog world and where you come in
seems to be where you find a home

if you check down my blogroll, and the blog rolls of those there, you will find that on the whole
we all follow the same people, here, is where we make our friendships

I have branched out a little to some very beautiful lifestyle and writing blogs, mostly because they found me first (thank you!) but it is the interiors that still grab me.
 First, because we were going to build our dream home and now, because I have to move into something much, much, much smaller and it needs to be just right, for me

because a lot of my bloggy friends like the pretty interiors I thought it was time I put up some of the pretty images that appeal to me these come from my red file which is a colour that I just seem unable to resist!!

In my frantic bid to declutter (You would not believe the clutter I have!!)
 one of the first things to go were the two boxes of magazine pages, my dream files

They have gone because I discovered I could photograph the page and save it on the internet
and now the chair fits back into the corner of the room instead of two feet out because the boxes (I never looked at) were behind!!

So I have no idea where any of these came from, they could be anything from 2 years to 10 years old or perhaps older still!!!

The magazines I read during that period were House and Garden, Country style, Verandah, Architectural Digest so I am guessing that's where they are from

Do you cut out the pretty pictures and keep them too?


  1. Oh they're gorgeous Julienne. I love red. It screams cosy cottage. I still keep piles of magazine cutouts but I find I use more images from the internet now. I love your bloggy font btw. A-M xx

    1. But it can also say smart city chic can't it?!!!! The font is Indie chic and I do know I am supposed to use something easy to read but this is me!!!!
      Loved your post on Ellie today I was her first customer and she has just grown and grown. xx

  2. As you Julienne I used to keep tear sheets of anything and everything that might inspire me....to paint, interior design, fashion design.

    No more It was getting to be too much! So the camera and computer solve that!

    I adore all of your images from the red file!

    Art by Karena

    1. Karena it has made it all so much easier not to sure about the quality of the photos but you get the impression!!!
      I've got lots more to come!!!!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE RED! Particularly red and white stripes. Nothing could be more dramatic. Did you ever see Slim Paley's post on red and white stripes? (Just Google those words and it should come up). She did a lengthy post on them - every pic was so beautiful! Keep writing - we love your thoughts (and comments on other blogs). Janelle xx

    1. Janelle that was a very wicked thing to do to me!!! I have been over there posts 1 and 11 seems like forever and the puppies think I have forgotten them should have been fed 20 minutes ago!!!!!
      I love commenting on your blog you always leave such good replies! xx

  4. Every room should have some red. Every house should have a room with lots of red. I look forward to watching what you do with your dreams of red!

    1. It's going to take forever to see what I do because the house has been on the market for 8 months and I haven't had an inspection yet!!!!!!!

  5. I have piles of magazines waiting to be torn apart...and then one day I'll scan all the images :) The thing I love about going back to something you collected ages ago is if you still like it then it's a pretty good indication that it's really you and not just a fad. Love your bits of red x

    1. Kerry I started scanning and they were so big and no matter what I did I couldn't reduce them! now out comes the camera,then I just take a photo...Not as good as the original but very quick and they come out the right size!!!! Trouble is I had a tidy up a while ago and spent days neatly cutting all the photos into neat little square and cut of the name of the mag!!! xx

  6. I too had a HUGE declutter over the holidays and dumped a massive pile of HB and Australian Country Style magazines I have been collecting over the years. I SOO felt the pain as they slid to the bottom of the wheelie bin. I had to stop myself from crawling into the bin and retrieving them all back again. The Council garbage truck took them all away before I could change my mind. I do miss them but the process of building a new pile has already started! LOVE red - have little pops of it everywhere around here. ;)Sharyne

  7. I love the photos that you share. You clearly have a great eye and I can't wait to see the works and wonders that are ahead for you :)

    Good job on the decluttering too! I've never been one to keep pages from magazines really, unless perhaps for the odd recipe. But my laptop is full of folders where I save photos I fall in love with online ;)

  8. Such a good idea -- I've been trying to organize recipes torn from magazines. Love all the reds -- pink will be jealous...

  9. Guilty as charged Julienne. I do exactly the same and have boxes of cuttings back in UK. Also have quite a bit here now too. Trying madly to declutter as well. Love your red images and although you will be moving to a smaller place I am sure you will enjoy getting it just as you wish and it will be very beautiful too. XX

  10. Julienne,

    I was thinking of your property dilemma last night. Have you tried asking for editorial in some of the pertinent publications? We have local magazines and newspapers here that are always looking for lovely interiors to feature. And even Country Style? I know the editor is very nice and she's often looking for properties in unusual places. Does it have acreage? If so, there are a few land-based publications where the classifieds are very cheap. if it's a small place you could advertise it as a farm-ette - city people love the idea of a place to escape? You probably know a lot of this, but just thought I'd let you know anyway...

    Janelle xx

  11. It's funny, because this morning I was thinking about how I read pretty much all the same blogs that people who read me read, and there's this whole other world of bloggers out that I've never seen!
    I have a large binder with magazine pages filed into it, but new because of Pinterest, I've been neglecting it. I feel bad for my old school Style File :-(
    (but I love love love Pinterest!) xo

  12. Oh how slack I am...but I do have a solid, water tight excuse for not replying to you all...well sort of!!!!! My mental health program has started and you used to read Mostlyolderthanme you will know that means I have hit the road for 14 hour days for the next 4 months. My return for doing this is helping a friend andhearing meeting fabulous people and wonderful stories. Heavens I am so tired I have had to use spell check for every second word as I can't type!!!!!
    See you all soon. xx

  13. speaking of clutter....
    i have plenty.
    the magazines be just one.

    the images that you posted are great!

    xx love to you

  14. Oh dear, that LAST CHAIR is indeed stunning, Julienne!!! Isn't blogging so fun? And like anything else, there are some good posts that I do and some not so good. But FRIENDS always come to leave a kind word and I so believe that the kindnesses are what carry us through. Oh how lovely your photos are! Thank you for visiting tonight! Anita

  15. Love the pretty red inspiration - I'm a designer so I cut out (& file) literally thousands of images as backup reference & inspiration. Just discovered your lovely blog & have signed up as your latest follower! it's always nice to find new Aussie blogs!
    Melissah (Victoria)

  16. Beautifully said dear Jules! Yes we all tend to wander around in the same Bloggie circles, but that's what makes it so wonderful. Familiarity breeds a special bond. It's been an epiphany of sorts since I started purchasing my mags electronically via Zinio.
    Millie xx


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