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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wise words....sometimes!!!!

Top always said I would talk to a lamppost if there was no one else nearby!
Not quite true, but close enough
The truth is
I love people
I love all people
people of every age,
I love to talk to them all
(if I am being honest some more than others but hey!!!!!)

I believe 
that I am a product of all these people I talk to
I believe that every conversation I have changes me in some way
those conversations make me grow,
 they make me see some things in a different light
they build my level of empathy,
they expand my sense of humour,
I take on board a little of everyone
 and that makes me who I am!!!!

                                                                         via Pinterest
which in my round about way brings me to blogs and the comments
 The blogs I follow are the ones that amuse me,
interest me, challenge me
 and delight me. They are the ones that engage me in some way

                                                                                                          via Pinterest

and because they do, I like to build a connection
with the fascinating person who is the originator.

It is through the commenting on the blog that we do this
and over the past two years I have made some truly wonderful connections
I have met people who will be friends for life
I have met people who allow me to have a thoroughly good giggle,
 a bit of a cry, a burst of anger, a sigh of delight
and I like to tell them when they give me this joy
I also like to let them know that I appreciate
the time and effort that went into writing each and every post

                                                                            I'm listening via Pinterest

so I comment on what I have heard them say
sometimes a dumb comment because I may have misinterpreted their message
sometimes one I think is quite clever till I go back later and see it in print...oh dear!

Top passed on to his children the ability of the smart retort, the quick comeback,
the funny one-liner...me... I don't have it
but I comment regardless because I enjoy the building of the connection.
and it gives me great joy when you want to do that with me
I am so thrilled when you leave a comment and I try always to reply
do you come back and read those replies?
am I connecting with thin air?
(I always check your posts back to see if you have answered my words!)
and sometimes I want to reply to someone else's comment
sometimes I want to have a full conversation
that does not seem to be the way
which is a little disappointing
so feel free to reply to another's comment,
feel free to initiate a conversation,
feel free to just say hello!
to let me know you are there!
to the nitty gritty
Google have changed their word verification and I can't read it
so if I haven't commented lately it is not for lack of trying it just won't accept
what I am seeing, so please could they go back to letters you can understand!!!!!

Come and say hello I just want to meet you!!!!!


  1. Julienne, I think you can still sign up for a Google acct or comment via Linky which I also have on my site! I must admit I have such a hard time visiting enough sites and commenting I don't have time to come back and see you response on your own site/post...so that is why I like replies on my site

    I know you would love my interview with William Rose, a great artist.

    1. I have more time Karena...better go and post this on her post!!

  2. I get a bit confused with the commenting thing. I never know if people come back to check my replies to them or if I'm taking to nobody. I do return to blogs so long as I remember as I love that bit of conversation you mention.
    Yes, what is it with the illegible word thingies? So frustrating!

    1. As long as I remember too Sarah but wouldn't it be nice if when we replied an email was sent to just that person?! Of course I did once ask for follow up on a political/newsy post and 472 replies later I decided I would never do that again!!!!!!

    2. Yes it would be nice if replies went to commenters emails as well. I don't tick the email responses box either as it's just frustrating.
      Ps I'm glad I remembered to pop back. Have to make it a habit :)

    3. You see now we are communicating and connecting!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmmm - I never think of going back to see if someone has replied to a comment I've left. I must have missed something!
    I enjoy your posts very much, and I'm glad you're back in blogdom.

    1. I do hope you have come back to see this!
      It's good to be back and the new blog is fun! xx

  4. I've only just found your blog in the last fortnight, so this is probably only my second comment to you. I reply to every comment on my blog, even though I know sometimes people don't come back to check. I tried emailing everybody directly, but then I found commenting back on the post I've written can help add more of my own voice to it anyway. Wordpress now notify you when people reply to comments you leave on their blogs, which is a great tool. I love everything about comments, that to me is what makes blogging such a social thing. x

    1. Shelley, I agree it is the commenting that makes it and I also tried emailing everyone but I kept forgetting to send!!!!!! Hopefully blogger will pick it up and notify us when we get a reply! Shelley I am so pleased you do comment and I hope we get to know each other. Julienne

  5. I try to reply if someone has asked me a direct question and love the comments and the connecting particularly. If I ask a question though on another's blog I forget that I have asked it mostly and also forget to go back and check for an answer quite a lot of the time!! Hopeless, I know but often it is a question of not enough time in the day...
    Have a happy day Julienne !
    Sarah x

  6. Oh and totally agree about the words to verify comments... Can't read them sometimes even WITH my reading glasses on! S x

    1. Sarah, they have changed them it is that awful murky background I can't read and I keep being told I am wrong so then I just give up and that is very, very sad!!!!!

  7. jules

    great topic, i wonder the same things about the comments and replies.
    what i do is this;
    when i reply to a comment i write it first in their email
    THEN i copy and paste it in my comment thingie on my blog.
    BUT i am sure you already know this -
    since we are always in touch!!! LOVE YOU
    ps i don't really like those bottle bottoms so much.
    it's tough to come up with fab posts all the time!!!

    hahahaha XXX hugs

    1. ...and you do it so well!!
      As to writing on the email good idea IF THEY DIDN'T USE NOREPLY!!!!!!!
      hehehehehe xxx

  8. I've been having trouble too with the new word verification -- most annoying.

  9. Hi Julienne, lovely to come by your blog. I've been having a lovely time reading some of your posts. Like you I love the friendships I've made through blogging, and the communication has become such a vital part of my day. I have to admit I don't always reply to comments either on the post or via email, and yet I love to receive that reply email myself, which tells me I need to make more effort! And I'm so with you when it comes to the comment verification words. Actually it's a relief to know I'm not the only one having problems. I was truly thinking that my eyesight must have deteriorated drastically and I needed a checkup! Amanda

  10. Oh Julienne. I hear you, in stereo. I am a big commenter and so rarely ever get a response in reply. I stopped following some bloggers who never acknowledged me whatsoever. I used to send a private email to all commenters as well as reply on the post itself but that became too time consuming. Finding the right balance is tricky! J x

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if when we replied an email was sent automatically?
      Maybe one day they will think of that. xx


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