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Monday, 16 July 2012

Painting with words.......what joy!!!!

I have just been on the most amazing
tour of paintings

They are nearly all in black and white
where colour appears it is
mostly a lush and vibrant
scarlet and
the textures are
sensual and silky

each painting is connected to the next
by a storyline
which, whilst compelling,
is incidental
to the sheer beauty of each of these
magical paintings

What amazes me beyond words is that not a drop of paint
not a hair of a paintbrush has been used
to create these wonderful images

Every single one has been created with words
every perfect stroke has been used to deliver
the perfect picture in my mind
and it was all done
by Erin Morgenstern
in her brilliant book

The Night Circus

I have read some good, and some bad reviews, and to the bad I can only say
'how sad that you could not see
 what was so beautifully and dramatically painted and laid before you

For those who haven't read it yet
I suggest you go and find a copy
(my daughter lent me hers but I am going to buy my own copy so I can visit these amazing images again and again!)

                                                                This would be my artist of choice

and for the first time in my life I am truly, truly disappointed
that I cannot paint, because, if I could
my 68' hallway would become a gallery in truth
for the
Night Circus!

Thank you Erin Morgenstern for the viewing into
your incredible mind.

Have you read it?
Do you want it to set up near you, tonight, so you can go visit?


  1. I do believe this tremendous tale will become one of my all time greatest loves! The romance with magic and the fantastical is just so beautiful! The lives of those who have written negative reviews must be terribly bland and sad :-( xxxx

  2. Oh I agree and I am wearing a scarlet scarf!!!!! xxxxx

  3. I just looked at an online review as well - must have it!

    1. The reviews are quite mixed but I just loved every word!
      The chapter titled Reveurs just reminded me of our blog community!!!!

  4. I've added this to my list. It sounds very intriguing!

    1. Sarah she has an amazing talent for description and I was kept glued for page after page of beautiful images that kept popping into my head as clearly as if she was in there with her paintbrush!!!!

  5. Moving it to the top of my To Be Read queue ... what an inspired review!

  6. Unfortunately Vicki I don't think I have inspired too many people!!! But that is such a lovely comment from you a writer. I must say the book did not overly grab me until the circus made its debut and then I could not ut it down...I hope you enjoy it.

  7. The picture is enough to draw me in. It sounds, and looks, wonderful. I'll try to get a copy. Have a lovely week..Rachael xx

  8. I simply adored this book...didn't want it to end
    I can't believe the bad reviews either!

  9. I have not read this book, but will definitely look out for it! That is what I love about the blogging world, learning inspiration from others...

    Til next time, Tammy

  10. I utterly adored this book and the magical world I inhabited while reading it.....I wish it had been longer! It is such a gift to stumble upon such a beautiful book.....it was on the list for my book club and can you believe only one other person read it (and loved it)?! Rx

  11. Greetings Jules! You have been peeked my curiosity and I must find The Night Circus. I'm taken with just the title alone and the images you posted. Jules I hope you've had a good many months since I've last had time to visit you? My blogging has suffered and have missed so many wonderful people like yourself. Thinking about you and hope to get back writing soon

    All my best to you,
    x Deb

  12. I miss you too I will be so excited when you come back! I do know what it is like though as I seem to have lost my blogging mojo just at the moment!!!! Of course I have become enthralled with Pinterest and have discovered Twitter and Instagrams which doesn't help!!!
    The book is beautiful though I did find it rather slow at the beginning and almost put it down so pleased I didn;t!
    Lovely to hear from you
    Jules xx

  13. you and i picked the same one!!


  14. I am intrigued Jules...you are the second person to recommend this book. Sounds wonderful! xx

  15. I've never heard of the books but the images are breathtaking!


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