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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's your direction your niche as a blogger...?

After my lovely day at Blogopolis I came home and looked at my blog,
it appeared I needed to have a direction!

but what direction

could I be a 'mummy blogger'
if my children have left home and have children of their own

perhaps an interiors blogger,
who has run out of puff

not, a photographic blogger
with my lousy photos

could I be a travel blogger,
maybe, if you count travelling a 100 kilometres travelling!

perhaps a fashion blogger
and perhaps not, with only one post!!!!

Well hey what about a cooking blogger
Nup, won't work, I don't cook any more!

It is quite obvious that none of these fit me

I am what I am

I am

a dreamer of dreams,
a weaver of words,
a teller of tales

both happy, and sad,
 long and short
of parents and children,
of houses, all old,
of horses and dogs
of people and ghosts

the tales are all true
and make what you will
they are mine to be told
so I invite you along
for the ride of my life
so come, join me,
keep me afloat,
give me a reason for being and
engage me
with comment
add your life to mine
and  together we'll weave,
our story!!!

Do you have a direction, a niche or do you just ramble like me?


  1. Hi Jules, I don't have a lot of direction and pretty much make it up as I go along, which suits me just fine because I don't like being stuck in a routine.
    I suppose blogging has different meanings for different people but I'm looking to just enjoy the journey.

    1. Oh Annie so do I...make it up as I go and I don't re read so it occasionally comes out the wrong way but whilst I enjoy it I'll continue! I love the way you are enjoying the journey! xx

  2. Hi Jules, I'm with you, whatever takes my fancy. I guess I'm a free blog spirit. Have a lovely Wednesday.x

    1. I do tend to think it might be a bit boring to write about just the one thing!!! I also think there are more like us than not!!!!
      Souk is settling in her new home had an inspection on the house...yep it's been a good day!! Thank you xx

  3. let's just say i am thinking of changing the name of my blog to;
    RENEE FINBERG 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG of her MIS-Adventures in Design!!


    1. Oh my sweet I think you may discover all sorts of exciting things in Maine and I will continue to enjoy your adventures or MIS-adventures!!!
      hugs xxxx

  4. You will be amazed at where life leads you and in blogging, you can document it all! For us and yourself. Ramblings are fun! :)


    1. And surprisingly Jane life is still leading me! Lovely to see you here

  5. I'm with you Jules. I really dislike the labelling of bloggers. The term Mummy Blogger just makes me want to gag!! What am I? I don't know, I blog about my life, art, my non-existent renovating, my pooch etc. For me it started as a way to document the process of renovating my home but as for the most part we haven't been able to afford renovating, I post other things as well. The whole big business aspect of blogging really gives me the pip! I'm here for fun and the lovely friends I have made. So, maybe I'm a Friendly Blogger. I hope so :)

    1. Definitely a friendly blogger and isn't that a lovely thing to be I so hope I fit into that group too! xxx

  6. A lovely post Jules. I'm a 'whatever life throws at me' type blogger! Mostly about my day to day happenings and sometimes 'some looking back' over my 61 years which surprisingly some readers find interesting :-) lol

    1. When you get to our age Maria I think we have to have some interesting stories in us! Thank you for visiting

  7. Dearest Jules,

    You are hard to beat with your poetry on this page! Wow... it is sending quite some strong signals across cyber space. You at least are pure and honest and for that, I and with me many more readers will come back for more! We all are weaving the canvas of our lives, of present and interwoven with the past... a beautiful past with vivid colors and fondest memories. That is reason enough to share as we all should leave a lasting impression.
    Love and hugs to you,


    1. Mariette it is really strange it is never meant to be poetry it just comes out like that perhaps that dreadful old saying may have a wee touch of truth 'I am a poet and don't know it'!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I wonder if in a 100 years someone will discover all these old posts and try to write a thesis on life in the 21st century!!!

  8. Hi Jules

    Blog whatever is in your heart, whatever is important for you to share.

  9. Your point of difference is YOU love. Wonderful stuff.

    My blog is about nothing and my niche is hilarity.


    1. Oh and I am laughing when I read your posts so you just keep being hilarious sweet. I am loving Twitter at the moment!!!!

  10. Great to discover your blog. You write beautifully... and 3 days into blogging it is nice to read all the different viewpoints!

    1. Good luck with your blog you will have such fun and beauty is an area that people just love so you will meet and make some gorgeous friends ...I have!!

  11. Im a lazy blogger!! But its all about the home/design/reno for me. Rambling more than your beautiful poetry. Hence my new love of pinterest where I dont have to say a thing!! Love reading your words - I have missed them:)

    1. I am now following you on Pinterest!! xx

  12. Oh Jules, this categorising of bloggers is so tedious. I'm a mum and I blog so apparently I'm a mummy blogger. But there's so much more to my blogging than my parenting. I like Sarah's idea of the 'friendly blogger' - you certainly fill the bill ☺. J x

    1. Oh I like the friendly blogger too...Let's set it up!!! If we start mentioning it in some of our blogs perhaps we can get rid of the other label!!!!!!

  13. hi jules, I saw your lovely comment over at AM's NY post and just wondered if your blog was as lovely as your comment, and clearly it is!

    What a great question tho, where do we lie with our blog intention, I never really knew either. But you clearly are a writer, a memoir creator, it is as if you are writing with a smile... i don't know if you do, but that's how you read. Quite rare and lovely to read!

    I will try to stop by a bit more I think to say hello!


    1. Oh Annie do come back again I think I am blushing as I read your lovely comment! Yes I think I probably do have a smile on my face particularly when I get totally carried away with the exclamation marks (In days far gone my editors would have yelled at me for days about my current punctuation style!!)
      Are you loving A-M's enjoyment as much as I am?


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