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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Where do you find your inspiration....?

Every day for a fortnight I have started this post
and every day for a fortnight it has ended up as a draft!!!!!

Do you have times when you just can't seem to make it work?
no matter how hard you try
In fact that just seems to make it harder!!!!

So looking for inspiration I went to the newspaper
(That was a suggestion I heard at Blogopolis!)

Oh dear that would have led to a post of such vitriol and violence I thought perhaps not!!!

Something gentler and prettier was needed to give me a little push

So once more it went to draft
 and I wandered off to Tumblr
to visit a friend who had moved from Blogger

Imagine what a shock it was to discover that
has a Tumblr blog!!!!

I have no idea when I set this up and it only has two posts
(now three)
and it has one follower
bless her!!!

How can icing sugar, almond meal
and a bit of colouring and flavour
become something quite so pretty and delicious?

Tim Walker......
This man has the most amazing mind...it is so far outside the box
I don't believe he can even see the edges!!!!
I love his work

So those are my two Tumblr posts

Now what to do with it?
Do I continue or do I toss it?

it got me back here and I must be grateful for that
now I am going to have a look at those other drafts and see if they can be rescued!!!

Do you have times when it doesn't work for you?
Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. I will be very keen to hear if you continue with tumblr Jules as I've deliberated over taking the plunge. The simplicity of tumblr appeals to me.
    I don't often lack inspiration just the motivation to actually sit down and get the post written!

    1. Annie I won't leave here for Tumblr as it doesn't have the same feelings It feels a bit more like a giant Pinterest and people just copy each others posts and photos (as I did!!!) The comments are not there or not that I can see and for me that is what this is all about! Whether I will do it too I don't know but between Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and this blog...Oh forgot FB too I don't think I will have time!!!

  2. Interesting question.
    I love visual stimulation, so I usually post about something I see or have photographed, or particular interests, like travel or gardening.
    I suppose I don't like to bare too much of my soul and leave social issues etc to other, more erudite bloggers! x

    1. I know what you mean about baring the soul, I have done it on occasion and then slightly regretted it and as for the social issues...! I could have vented really really strongly tonight and then I had a flashbulb moment and could see the not nice comments flowing so thought better of it which I will probably continue to do!! I love your camellias.

  3. Ah Jules, so good to see you back here. Ooh, Tumblr has its place. But I would miss you and your words so much if you were to leave here. J x

    1. Jane I don't intend leaving here but I don't remember setting up Tumblr...it was probably last year in the missing 6 months!! Just don't know whether to leave it, ad to it or just delete it!!!!! I guess my current normal state of ennui means it will just sit there!!!

  4. Oh yes, there are times when I come up empty. Most of the time I just let life happen and think about my day. It doesn't always work because I don't lead a particularly exciting or inspiring life!

    1. I think that may be my current problem my life is not exactly interesting! Of course when I sell this house and move into the little cottage I have found then watch out we will be painting and building and.....you get the picture we will do lots of talk and probably not much else!!!!!!!

  5. Dearest Jules,

    Inspiration is not a steady factor... You can certainly not 'switch' it on for production. What I usually do is pre-planning my photo and subject layout. Than as time passes I will choose what to write about and add on to. It is influenced at times by present issues but not much as I tend to keep out social issues in general. Some people bare it all, way too much and especially I see that on FB. You always do it in a proper manner, even if you do bare your soul at times, but in a very stylish way.
    Sending you love and hugs,

    1. What a lovely thing to say Mariette...but then you do always say lovely, encouraging things. I just wish I could be as organised as you obviously are.

  6. I frequently have dry spells - the nearly six weeks I just took off to work have been helpful, tho. I have several ideas right now. Am not familiar with Tumblr,tho, so no opinion about that. Hope inspiration strikes soon.

    1. I think I must hibernate in winter as I seem to be more proific in the warmer months!!! Forget Tumblr if you enjoy the community of blogging...but then maybe I don't understand it and there is more to it!!!!

  7. My problem is too much inspiration ... which is probably worse because I spend far too much time blogging because I have too many ideas - hence my 3 blogs!


    1. Just don't stop!!!! I wil have to check out your other blogs!

  8. Absolutely agree Jules.. many times I have thought now, what shall I write and today when I posted I realised I had not said anything at all during July - awful. And I have been seduced by Pinterest - am addicted to that. Good luck with the Tumblr - no, I am not going to go down that line although I am tempted! Have a good weekend. X

    1. Tumblr is a lnely place I think but Pinterest is an absolute shocker!!!! Oh I can spend hours there just loOking at beautiful images!!

  9. Dear Jules. So far, I'm interested in whatever you say. For me, inspiration is like that elusive butterfly -- always out of reach when I chase it but when I'm not looking, it lands on my shoulder.

  10. ...and that is why I love your comments and your posts!!!

  11. Hi Jules,

    Most definitely! All the time, I might go through my drafts though to rescue a few!!!

    Have a great week,

    Regards, Tammy


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