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Friday, 6 July 2012

Nuffnang Blogopolis and twitter....!!!!!

on Saturday
I strode up the stairs with great confidence
and ran straight into a crowd of young women!

and wondered, not for the first time
what on earth I was doing here

and when I left nearly 10 hours later
I still wondered
what I was doing there!!

Where was I?

I was at the Nuffnang Blogopolis
with nearly 300 other bloggers!

           one of the most photographed plates of the day

Now don't get me wrong
I loved the day
I met up with the lovely A-M
 and she is as beautiful in real life as she is on her blog

I did love the morning tea
but I am a Twinings tea girl anyway
and I collect old cups and saucers

I signed up to Twitter!!!!
Don't understand it but I am there and I have tweeted
of course I may never do it again!!!!

What I didn't understand was the awe in which
some bloggers were held
I didn't know the star bloggers
I don't want to make money out of my blog
(though I like the Nuffnang community so may join them!)
I didn't go to the photography session (should have)

But on the Sunday I got some upsetting family news and
that, along with the arrangements for Souk,
appear to have dried up my blogging abilities for the moment

I promise to come back soon
but at the moment my energies, such as they are,
are needed elsewhere.

I will still be reading and visiting

and  I will see you soon

*and for those who were there on Saturday my finger has hovered over the publish button for the last 4 days!!!!!


  1. Dearest Jules,

    The first message sounds like you had a great time, but the family news and Souk's arrangements kind of pulled you back down. Hope you manage to work it all out.
    Love to you,

    1. Saturday was just lovely and whilst I didn't know quite why I was there I did have a terrific time!

  2. Thinking of you, Jules, and hoping things will improve. Consider yourself hugged.

    1. Thank you for the hug it was needed! xx

  3. I think that blog conference would have me feeling the same way, but it would have been so much fun to meet other bloggers.
    I hope your family is ok and everything works itself out very soon.

    1. Sarah it was fun and on the whole they are really nice people. There were some off remarks on twitter which I think was people trying to be funny...it didn't work for me but maybe my sense of humour is softer!!

  4. Hey Jules -- I met you at the conference and I, too, wondered what I was doing there at times. As a fellow widow, I'm sending you love and light.
    Katie x

    1. Katie sorry we didn't get to talk more on Saturday. There were a few people I wish I had had time to interact with but it was not to be. Like you I don't think my blog fits into an advertisers dream!! I am a writer, a dreamer but not ready to open up as you do which I think is wonderful I have read many of your posts and will no doubt read many more. Thank you for visiting Jules x

  5. oh goodness - hang in there - you have had more than your fair share of dramas - there must be a large swag of good things coming your way to balance it all up shortly. x

    1. Oh I hope so!!! Soon would be good!! xx

  6. Hey Jules! I would feel the exact way at a blogger conference. I mean, it's all kinda just fluff (for me anyways...) So sorry about your gorgeous Souk. Calm waters ahead for you!

    1. Linda it was fun meeting the others though! The bloggers who have mad a name for themselves obviously work very hard and good luck to them but I don't think that is for me at this time! Oh I am missing Souk and I so hope she will settle somewhere and be happy soon...they promise to let me know and of course I will post about it!!!!! xx

  7. Oh Jules, what mixed emotions you're feeling at the moment. I'm delighted you met A-M. I look forward to that day, whenever it may be. I look forward to hearing some good news about Souk soon. J x

  8. Oh Jules, I am so sad that you have had bad news.... and your dear Souk... it's hard. You know, I don't know what I got out of the whole thing either. The best thing by far was meeting up with my bloggy friends and finally meeting you. I think these events are great for connecting with like minds but I don't think I learnt anything new. I really don't understand the awe in which some bloggers are viewed either. It's a funny business. Thinking of you.... and thanks for saying nice things about me. I say them right back to you lovely. So glad we met. A-M xx

  9. A-M meeting you and all the girls at our table was absolutely the best thing and it was quite nice not having to explain what a blog is!!!!
    Thank you so much for the links my stats are leaping about everywhere which is actually quite exciting but as I don't often look at them they may well have been doing it for a while, or not!!!!!! Jules xx

  10. Your comments at the end of my panel made my day! That is what blogging is about, growing and sharing and growing and sharing, I could have hugged you for an hour. You need to be blogging. I know this. xxx

  11. I just believe that people should be thanked and it was a marvellous day and I did enjoy it...and now I know who you are!!!! Guess I need to get out a bit more into the Australian blogosphere! Thank you for visiting, x

  12. I hope your situation has been resolved happily, or at least the best possible and you are doing alright.


  13. well meeting you and hearing you speak at the end of the day was a definite highlight for me. Just keep writing. Onward!


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