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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Once we were six

but as time went by we became
and then we became
and now we are

this one has been the most affected and has been on Prozac
for separation anxiety.
She goes every where with me and follows me from room to room

into our lives came this young man
he lives next door
he just won't stay next door

and so this

went to this as he took over the household
I even woke one morning to find him in bed with me!!!!

Jack is a very social friendly little fella and
they shared everything, Souk went of her tablets

 and they played with such joy
until coming in here was not enough for Jack
He had a wider world to discover
which was fine with me
until he took Souk with him!!!

One dog attacked
1 child given a fright (but not bitten)
2 car accidents only narrowly averted

2 dog runs built
2 dog runs escaped from

next week
we will be only
as Souk is re homed by Saluki Rescue

and my heart is breaking


  1. oh my heart is breaking for you too Jules! Saying good-bye to a pet is so awfully sad. But what of Jack? Will he still come and visit you?

  2. About once a week he digs another hole under the fence and he and Winnie (the blind deaf and demented one) chase each other up and down the verandah!!

  3. It's such a hard decision, but when you know that it's for the best for the pet there's some comfort. Good for you!

    1. Thank you. It is best for Souk because my only option is a small run outside and a life lived inside and for a running dog that is not good! If she can't settle with someone else I will have to rethink and alas they are difficult dogs but Saluki rescue will make sure she goes to someone who knows the breed and understands it could take 6 months for her to accept them!!! I cannot live with the responsibility of her hurting someone, causing an accident or killing a dog. But we have been inseparable and it is very, very hard!

  4. Dear Jules,
    He looks like a Jack Russell. We had one for 12 years and he was gorgeous but very hard to train. He was an explorer and escaper too (think it goes with the breed). When he was a young dog our neighbours complained that he kept jumping the fence to swim in their pool on hot days when we were at work. We couldn't believe he could jump the fence as it was quite high but they brought him back to us dripping wet and as soon as they put him down he took a great run, and scrambled up and over the fence. So I do know how hard it is to keep them in the back yard. We had to add very high trellises to the fences to keep him in and also take precautions so he wouldn't dig his way out. But he was a darling dog and such a great personality. But he wasn't savage and wouldn't have attacked another dog, although he was a good guard dog and could sound quite threatening but it was all bark and no bite. We were all heartbroken when he developed lymphatic cancer.
    Perhaps you might find another dog, in the pound? One that's less an escaper who would be a good companion for you and your older dog. He/she won't ever be another Souk but might be a good friend in time. Best wishes, Pamela

  5. O dear, how sad! I hope she finds a great home so you can worry a little less. Sending hugs x

    1. Sarah they have promise to let me know how she settles and I know it is best for her and probably best for me...I just don't like it!!!!!

  6. Jules..I am so so sorry to read about Souk...she looks like such a lovely creature and I can tell you are very fond.
    Also to have gone from 6 dogs to one or two. It must seem lonely at times. I hope they are able to place her in a good home. .I would feel the same way. Perhaps there is another who would like a home with you?
    Best wishes Jules..
    Jeanne xx

    1. Maybe one day Jeanne but not just yet It is Winnie and me now and she is blind, deaf and has doggy dementia!!! Good mix!

  7. Dearest Jules,

    Sad story and I doubt if I could have parted from my Souk... It is too hard for letting go of them.
    But considering the options, you might be right for now.
    Hugs and wishing you strength.

    1. Mariette since she has become an escape artist I cannot risk that she will learn to jump as they can clear 8'! They will let me know how she gets on and Winnie and I shall slowly drive each other insane!!!!!

  8. What kind of dog is the long skinny one? She's just stunning, that's the kind of pooch I want draped all over the sofa.

  9. Tabitha she is a Saluki one of the sight-hounds and unfortunately a difficult breed to own. Very elegant, one person dogs and with some cat like tendencies they come from the Arab states and are also known as Gazelle Hounds. Souk is our fourth Saluki and we bred Deer Hounds and Borzois over the years.
    They are all couch potatoes but do need to run at least once a day!

  10. They look like a very happy twosome ...too cute!


  11. It's so hard to put on your big girl pants and do the right thing - but clearly you have done it. A huge hug and all the support i can send across the seas. give winnie some extra love, too.

  12. Oh what a beauty she is! We had a Borzoi years ago and yes, they do need that daily run. I'm sure Suluki rescue will find her a good home -- unless you come up with another solution... Hoping for the best, dear Jules...

  13. Oh Jules I am so sorry.... no wonder your heart is breaking - sending you support and positive vibes through the blogosphere... XXX

  14. A very sad story Jules. That beautiful picture of them together is heartbreaking when you know the end off the story. I like the way you did tell it. So few words , such a heart break. Best of luck ..hugs x

  15. What a lovely story and beautifully presented. G.x

  16. Such an amazing story!
    They look so cute!

  17. Oh Jules I reckon you've had more than your share of goodbyes, please let this be the last of them for you. You've made the right decision, so here's to sunny days ahead with no tough decisions & goodbyes to have to negotiate.
    Millie xx

  18. There's only Winnie left and blind, deaf and some dementia it would appear she is going to go on forever and without the fear of Souk attacking her she has become like a young pup again! Who would have thought she had it in her!!!!

  19. It sounds like the best thing for Souk and for you. We have had to let go of some beloved furry children and it is so hard. But its always for the pets better and not done without a heavy heart. I hope you have some lovely updates on Souk as she finds her new family. My thoughts are with you and sending positives your way to the moon and back tonight. xo


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