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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What did you read in April....?

Sitting comfortably on my
absolutely must keep bookshelves
are names we are all familiar with
the classics old and new
thrillers, literature, adventure
Many are rather on the aged side most are hard bound
but sneaking in there

are two battered old paperback books

They are nothing flash, they are not new,
 in fact both
were published in the early 80's
I would not, necessarily, recommend them as must reads
but they are easy reads
the stories are simple in their complications
 and they would probably both fit into the
romance genre

Catherine Nicolson says this is the only book for which she wrote a happy ending

This is the only book Jane Sandford wrote

Why are these two books on those shelves?
Because for some reason they connect with me
they speak to me!
They are not the best books I have ever read
they are not my favourite books
they are just two little books that
in some strange way speak to something in my soul
and I have absolutely no idea why!!!!


When I have trouble reading, as I do at the moment,
I will take one of these down and before I know it
I am totally involved with the characters,
 I am believing in them
and suddenly I am reading again
and for this reason they will remain forever on my special shelves!!

They both came down last month to be  read again!

and now I am deep into this
written in the early 60's by Dymphna Cusack
it takes place in an era I remember and a town I could have grown up in
 so I am having a lovely romp through its pages!

 April was a month for older books
written in a time before computers and mobile phones!!!!

Do you have a book that speaks to you?

P.S. I am sharing my books this month with Felicity and vive le livre


  1. I envy you that. I read voraciously, but seldom remember what I read. It's more an escape for me - mostly from work, where I spend way - WAY - too much time.

    My husband hates it when I re-read a book and it only seems familiar to me. But, I enjoy it as much the second time as the first.

    Perhaps I will be able to find one of these and give it a try. perhaps it will speak to me, too. thanks for the suggestion.

    1. Webb, I know exactly what you are saying please don't ever ask me the author or even name of a book unless it is sitting in front of me and I can probably go back and re-read within 12 months and it is like a new book!!!!!

  2. I honestly cannot remember a book that 'spoke to me' but I know that there must have been one, or even a few. I'll blame it on being tired at the moment! But I do love books and you know that because you're my goodreads buddy :)

    1. I am loving goodreads Sara and have already had two beaut recommendations alas I have not had a lot of time to spend there at present but I will soon and we can compare notes!!!!

  3. Hi Jules...I have lots of books that speak to me. It depends which 'me' is out and about that particular day. If I am feeling sentimental..I love 'The Mitford Series' by Jan Karon. An American saga about a vicar and village life. It appeals to that part of me that wishes I was just in one place. There are days, when I can't sit still and the many travel memoirs come out. 'Educating Alice' by Alice Steinbach is one of them. I could go on forever like this. So..in answer to your question, yes, I have a book.. many books that speak to me.
    Best wishes Jules...
    Jeanne xx

    1. Jeanne educating alice was mentioned to me recently but it was at a time I really didn't want to read so forgot about it now with this second recommendation I shall have to go look it up!!! I have a cousin who worked 6 months of the year and the other six months she would rent a house in a foreign country and throw herself into the local life. She did this for 30 odd years!!!!!!

  4. You've made me think on this question Jules and I've come up with a blank - no books that I'd say I can recall that I can read and reread as easily as you've described yours......I wonder why not?

    It must be a great comfort to have books like this in your life and I hope one day to share this gift.

    Thank you for mentioning 'Vive Le Livre!" I hope we get more 'posters' so that next month we can begin a linky.

    Happy page turning in May, xx

    1. Felicity I have some interesting books lined up for this month and amongst them are the three hunger games books, not sure if I want to read them but every one else seems to have enjoyed them! Have you read them?
      I do hope more join you for May and that we can have a link!!!

  5. For me, it is the Colette books - any of them. If I have got out of the habit of being able to stay focussed on a book (which happens from time to time when I am just too frenetic with work and family things) then going back to her writings just seemed to clarify everything. Then all is good. And I can then read other authors. Weird but true!

    1. I wonder what it is that makes these books so special?
      Heavens I haven't read a Colette book in years! Loved Gigi and I have a lovely copy somewhere of the Cheri stories...I think!!!!!! Damn now I have to check and make sure she was the author!!!!
      One hour later: It has taken me all this time to find it and will settle down to read tomorrow as I haven't opened it in 40 years and yes she was the author!!!!!

  6. One of my favourite books to reread is Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine, and in fact I think it was you who made me read it the first time Mama! And of course, the Shopaholic series would have to be one of my favourites - no thinking required. And then there's probably my all time favourite - Kiss Chase (again because of you!)! If a book is good enough to read more than once, I think it's because you have become friends with the characters. And we all love a good catch-up with friends from long ago... maybe that's what makes them so special... xxx

    1. Sweetheart I think you are right it is the characters that become special and speak to you its like running into old friends and having a quick catch up so the author has totally brought to life the people she (or he) is writing about and they become three dimensional!!!
      On another note I will try everything before making any rash decisions I promise!!! xxx

  7. I have many comfort reads -- books that I know will fit my current need or state of mind. The Lucia books by E.F. Benson, Angela Thirkell's light little comedies of manners, Patrick O'Brian's naval series, Dorothy L. Sayers' and Agatha Christie's mysteries ... it's a wonder I ever read anything new.

  8. I really love your blog. Maybe you are agree following each other?! :)


  9. I love getting lost in biographies. It's amazing to put your feet in someone else's shoes & experience heir life!


  10. darl, i read nothing but work stuff - boring!!! i barely read blogs either!! i really must get a life!


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