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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

...just sometimes

Just sometimes

the silence is so deafening
that no sound can penetrate it

Monday, 3 September 2012

First love and memories

They are playing April Love and
Pat Boone is singing

I am 14
it is the Christmas School holidays
and we are staying at our beach house

There is a boy
his name is Morton
(don't remember his last name!!!)
he invites me to the pictures

My first real date with a boy
we watch April Love
we share jaffas
we hold hands

Ohh the excitement!!!

My parents sit directly behind us two rows back!!!!!!!

They walk home behind us!!!!

The next day we go back home
heart is broken!

Do you remember your first date?
do certain songs bring back memories for you?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A book, chocolates and miserable weather.....!

Freezing wind and falling rain
 I sit here with these

But it is very hard to read
when your face is awash with tears

and they have been flowing almost since I opened the first page of this
incredible, amazing, beautiful book!

I have also giggled,
 climbed barbed wire fences to grab an apple or two
and tasted every bite

I have learned about fear, anger, bigotry and hate
I have learned about friendship, love, honesty and decency

I have indulged in words, wonderful, magical words
I have drowned in words that made my heart sing
I have walked with death for 584 pages
and I could not stop!

I honestly do not know what else to say about this book
except that I loved every word

"It was Monday and they walked
on a tightrope to the sun"
                               Markus Zusak

Have you read it?

*I do like to recommend books if I love them
but I don't know if you like my taste
and if you don't it is rather a waste of time and I will find something else!!!!!


If you haven't and you do because of this post
please come back and let me know what you thought

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I will not Covet.....!

I will not covet......

I will not covet.......

I truly will not covet.....

I wonder....

do you think I could whip them of her feet without her knowing?

perhaps not!!!!

I wonder....

will she sell them to me when
she gets sick of them?

I .......will....not....covet

Oh, who am I kidding
you all know I just

 WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Where do you find your inspiration....?

Every day for a fortnight I have started this post
and every day for a fortnight it has ended up as a draft!!!!!

Do you have times when you just can't seem to make it work?
no matter how hard you try
In fact that just seems to make it harder!!!!

So looking for inspiration I went to the newspaper
(That was a suggestion I heard at Blogopolis!)

Oh dear that would have led to a post of such vitriol and violence I thought perhaps not!!!

Something gentler and prettier was needed to give me a little push

So once more it went to draft
 and I wandered off to Tumblr
to visit a friend who had moved from Blogger

Imagine what a shock it was to discover that
has a Tumblr blog!!!!

I have no idea when I set this up and it only has two posts
(now three)
and it has one follower
bless her!!!

How can icing sugar, almond meal
and a bit of colouring and flavour
become something quite so pretty and delicious?

Tim Walker......
This man has the most amazing mind...it is so far outside the box
I don't believe he can even see the edges!!!!
I love his work

So those are my two Tumblr posts

Now what to do with it?
Do I continue or do I toss it?

it got me back here and I must be grateful for that
now I am going to have a look at those other drafts and see if they can be rescued!!!

Do you have times when it doesn't work for you?
Where do you find your inspiration?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Painting with words.......what joy!!!!

I have just been on the most amazing
tour of paintings

They are nearly all in black and white
where colour appears it is
mostly a lush and vibrant
scarlet and
the textures are
sensual and silky

each painting is connected to the next
by a storyline
which, whilst compelling,
is incidental
to the sheer beauty of each of these
magical paintings

What amazes me beyond words is that not a drop of paint
not a hair of a paintbrush has been used
to create these wonderful images

Every single one has been created with words
every perfect stroke has been used to deliver
the perfect picture in my mind
and it was all done
by Erin Morgenstern
in her brilliant book

The Night Circus

I have read some good, and some bad reviews, and to the bad I can only say
'how sad that you could not see
 what was so beautifully and dramatically painted and laid before you

For those who haven't read it yet
I suggest you go and find a copy
(my daughter lent me hers but I am going to buy my own copy so I can visit these amazing images again and again!)

                                                                This would be my artist of choice

and for the first time in my life I am truly, truly disappointed
that I cannot paint, because, if I could
my 68' hallway would become a gallery in truth
for the
Night Circus!

Thank you Erin Morgenstern for the viewing into
your incredible mind.

Have you read it?
Do you want it to set up near you, tonight, so you can go visit?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

How Bride to be was born....!

Many years ago
I was sitting at my desk
putting together
a monthly magazine for
the Water board
sitting beside me was the file for the Quantity surveyor magazine
and the RSPCA journal amongst half a dozen similar titles
every one important

but hardly inspiring for a 22 year old
who dreamt of flowing white dresses, a white iced cake, a handsome groom standing at her side and honeymoons on exotic islands!
as lunch rolled round out came
the American Bridal magazine
and as the pages were leafed through
a mad idea started to form in my fertile young mind

Why could we not have a Bridal Magazine in Australia?

so research was done
editors contacted
advertising staff spoken to

the Boss, David Boyce, was approached

could we?

YES we could as long as it didn't cost any money!!!!

it didn't!!!

and so

Now you're Engaged
was born

the illustrations for your trousseaux were drawn by a close friend

the going away outfit rather dates me

but not nearly as much as the metal Oroton which was a must have

and you could have your wedding on film and in colour!!!

but as one does at the age of 22
I wandered off to Melbourne to
Georges Advertising Department
and so was not on board when
those very important but technical magazines found homes with other publishers

and this one became the centre piece of Warwick Boyce Publishing and changed its name to


and it branched out
to become the biggest selling Bridal Magazine in Australia

Would I like to have still been there when this happened

Am I glad I wasn't?

 oh Yes

Because in Melbourne I met that handsome young groom and
two years later I had the white dress...but not the cake!

Have you ever walked away from something that might have been?

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